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7 best Turkish cities to buy property

7 best Turkish cities to buy property

7 best Turkish cities to buy property


When it comes to buying a property in one of the Turkish states in particular, or if the topic is related to investment in Turkey in general, the first investment tool that comes to mind is the real estate market, without a doubt. Let’s take a quick look at the cities that are most suitable for residential investments or that are suitable for buying a property in them during the recent period, especially when the real estate loans offered for the purchase of apartments, which the Turkish state offers to foreign investors and residents, have become very attractive.


Despite the sharp fluctuations in gold and foreign currencies, apartment prices were able to continue to rise in 2020 as well. Especially with the epidemic that spread in Turkey and the world, which had negative consequences that appeared later.


And with the intense interest of foreign investors in Turkey, brings with him predictions that the increase in real estate prices will continue in parallel in the coming years. Keeping in mind the report in August 2020 from REIDIN, which provides updated data, analysis and research information on real estate sectors to investors with in-depth reports, we have rounded up the most beneficial cities for investing in real estate.


7 best Turkish cities to buy property

Bursa City:


Leaving behind all the cities in Turkey, REIDIN data highlights in winning the state with the highest rental income in Bursa, as the favorite in 2020. Bursa industry in Turkey appears to be more than three times its peak with the advantage of proximity to the big city leaving anyone.


Bursa, which is the best option for people who will invest in housing, is one of the most accurate cities in terms of housing investment. Most other cities have been able to provide rental income compared to other cities in Turkey, and this has turned into this problem. In addition, Bursa is a very useful city for investment as it is a very large industrial city, and it is also close to major cities. Those who intend to invest in housing should prefer Bursa first.


Antalya city:


Antalya, which is shining through with Expo 2020 exhibition, ranks second in rental income according to REIDIN statistics. Also, tourism in the city of Antalya has a special importance, and enjoys an indispensable place in the preferred residential real estate investors.




Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city, according to rental income during the three REIDIN data. Izmir is attracting the attention of foreign investors with its skyscraper projects that have been implemented in the last two years, and it is very popular with new projects in the field of urban transformation.


Ankara city:


By increasing its value through projects that attract the attention of local and foreign investors, Ankara ranks fourth in terms of rental income according to REIDIN data. By offering attractive options to real estate investors, Ankara has become a center of attraction with the advantage of being the capital.


The capital, Ankara, which is one of the best cities chosen for residential investment, is the fourth city with the highest rental income according to data announced by REIDIN. For this reason, those wishing to invest in housing can choose Ankara. In addition, Ankara offers private and attractive opportunities for real estate investors and is a province worth noting.


Istanbul city:


Although Istanbul ranks 5th in terms of rental income according to REIDIN data, it is still the number one favorite for those who prefer real estate as an investment. In addition to its historical and regional values, mega projects such as the third airport, the third bridge and the Istanbul Canal make Istanbul very attractive to investors.


When buying a property in Istanbul, you find in front of you a wide range of options available regarding where you intend to buy the property, especially since a city like Istanbul provides you with a lot of the ingredients and reasons that make you confused when you want to own a specific property in one of Istanbul’s regions.


The large real estate market that Istanbul enjoys puts you in front of a group of options that weighting between them will not be easy, but with an overview of the real estate market in Istanbul these days, we find or areas such as Esenyurt, Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece witness a great real estate activity, and these areas abound in operations Selling and investing. Where you can buy an apartment in these areas with very nice specifications, and at reasonable prices.


In addition, investment projects related to the sale and purchase of residential real estate in areas such as Levent, Sultan Eyub and Bagcilar have witnessed a great increase and a tremendous turnout in recent years, and it is noticeable that such areas in Istanbul are very close to the center, and they are witnessing a large urban expansion in Istanbul.


In this context, our real estate company provides you with a set of the best services for all our esteemed clients, these services begin through pre-sales services, after-sales services, and there are services related to the process of naturalization files if your property meets the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.


In order to achieve to processes at the same time, you can own a property in Istanbul with a value of 250 thousand US dollars, and at the same time you can apply for Turkish citizenship, this option has been taken by many investors and those who want to own property in Turkey.


The following is a list of some real estate projects that enable you to own an apartment and obtain Turkish citizenship:


  • The Kordon Istanbul project, which is located in the Kağıthane area of ​​the European city of Istanbul.
  • The Brand Istanbul project, which occupies a distinctive place in Beylikduzu, on the E5 line, in front of the Metrobus station, on an area of ​​78,000 square meters.
  • The Akzirve Strada project, which is located in Bahcesehir, which is one of the most prominent investment centers in Istanbul, and this project is characterized by its modern architectural design, the presence of green spaces, and beautiful water bodies, which enables residents to enjoy the beauty of nature, in addition to living in an integrated modern complex.
  • Ersin Yaşam project, which is characterized by its strategic location in the Buyukcekmece area near the E5 highway.
  • The Self Istanbul project is in the Esenyurt area in the European section of Istanbul.

Kocaeli city:


Kocaeli, a bustling industrial city, ranks sixth in terms of rental income according to the REIDIN report. As this city is attracting attention as one of the most important centers of attracting investors with the increase in housing sales prices per square meter.


Adana city:


It is ranked seventh among Turkey’s most habitable states, as high rental rates provide attractive opportunities for those who will choose this city to invest in real estate purchases.




Investments increase more during times when mortgage loans are low, especially in real estate, and it is the most used way for people to invest in Turkey. The first job for those who decide to invest in housing is to find the best cities to invest in.


Real estate, the smartest form of investment that can be made, is shifting to this area for investment purposes, while many people try to buy a home by taking advantage of favorable loan rates. Residential investment, which has many methods, is one of the smartest ways to invest regardless of the cost.

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