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Beylikduzu area comprehensive and up-to-date information

Beylikduzu area comprehensive and up-to-date information

Beylikduzu It is a district in the European suburbs of Istanbul , Turkey, located north of Sea of ​​Marmara South Esenyurt , East Buk Ckmjh , West Avcilar.

History of Beylikduzu

It is assumed that Beylikduzu The Greeks from Byzantium first settled in the second century AD as an agricultural village. It later became a popular resort for residents of Constantinople In the Byzantine Empire, a situation that lasted after the conquest of Constantinople From before Ottoman Empire. The area was referred to as “The Garden” in the later Ottoman period , and after the founding of the Turkish Republic it was calledKavaklıAfter the large number of poplar trees, a name that was used until 2003. The modern name means “the plains of the Belek. “ “.

The modern history of Beylikduzu

Belek Dozo It is inhabited, especially after the 1999 Izmit earthquake By the residents of the old areas of Istanbul Those who preferred to move to the newly constructed buildings in Beylikduzu due to their fear for the safety of the old buildings. When it was extended Almitropas (system express buses) from Ovgelar to Belek Dozo In 2012, Beylikduzu is affected by the second wave of immigration. Its population grew from about 3,000 in the early 1990s to 350,000 by 2018. Because the population of Belek Dozo consisting mostly of immigrants from other regions in Istanbul or Turkey, and Belek Dozo is a city has been relatively newly established, it has gained Bilicdozo welcoming atmosphere without the new arrivals that they have no social classes. Beylikduzu has increased greatly in popularity in the past few years and the region has become a hot spot for residential and commercial investments. Belek has Dozo the highest rapid increase in the value of land and real estate in Turkey, making its investors richer in a very short time. Belek was Dozo one of the few municipalities in Turkey That switched from the AK To the CHP In 2014 .

Overview of Beylikduzu

Slums common to most of Istanbul are rare in Beylikduzu , with a survey conducted by the Municipal Council indicating that 40% of residents hold a university degree.. Belek attracts Dozo with area Otakoa Marina upper middle class because of its infrastructure and good, and seeing the construction of new luxury projects. The attraction also increases with their proximity to Ataturk Airport In Istanbul. Belek is Dozo home to most of the shopping centers in Istanbul and is a paradise for shopping, and is also referred to as“AVM cumhuriyeti ” (Or the English shopping republic).

Bilicdozo is one of the areas most famous in Istanbul, and therefore hosts a total of different cultures in Turkey with people from other countries. Belek match Dozo with high green European cities in size for each person. The green space is more than 10 square meters per person in Beylikduzu . Almost on every street there are trees at equal distances ; Make the whole neighborhood as an open-air museum.

The Istanbul Wholesale Market Hall for Seafood is to be established in Kumkapi (on the Historic Peninsula) in its new and larger complex in Beylikduzu..

Biology(” Mahalle In Turkish)

Adnan Kahveci

Climate Beylikduzu region

 The average annual temperature of the sea water is 14.4 ° C.
The average annual precipitation is 54.2 mm, with the lowest in August and the highest in December. The strongest winds are also seen in December.
The highest snowfall in Beylikduzu is 60 cm.

Since Beylikduzu is located approximately 150 meters above sea level, it is lower in humidity and it is more stormy than other central areas of Istanbul. Beylikduzu is also famous for its clean and dry air . Winter tends to be stronger in Beylikduzu compared to the downtown areas. because of Beylikdüzü Surrounded by trees, the seasons change in Beylikdüzü It offers a great visual display to its residents.

Public transportation in Beylikduzu

Public transportation options are very rich for the area. It has become easier access to the area with the extension of the line Almitrobos to Belek Dozo . WorkingMetrobüs 24 hours a day, so it is possible to go to Beylikduzu directly from the city center at any time. It takes about 60 minutes by metrobus to go toMecidiyeköyZincirlikuyu (Istanbul city center) from Beylikduzu . In addition to the Metrobus , there are express public buses that go directly to Beylikduzu from Taksim Square and vice versa. 145T Its passengers gather from Cumhuriyet, Barış and Buyuksehir neighborhoods in Beylikduzu and go to Taksim using the highway. 145 M. Its passengers gather from Adnan Kahwagi and Esenyurt districts, republics, and go to Taksim by going up on the highway.

because of Beylikdüzü It is developed around the highwayE- 5, It is also possible to ride any public bus comes fromBakırköy or Yenibosna And go towards Büyükçekmece .

In 2019, a subway line will be built between Beylikduzu and Bakirkoy . Will be delivered later from Bakırköy With a station Yenikapı For transport.

It is 13 km from Beylikduzu to Ataturk International Airport.

Are related Beylikdüzü By the highway TEM With service methods Hadıköy And Esenyurt .


Some of our properties are in Beylikduzu

Across Istanbul 5 + 1

Across Istanbul 1 + 1

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