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Dues fees in Turkey

Dues fees in Turkey

Dues fees in Turkey


While searching for an apartment for sale, you should also research apartment fees. In some apartments or locations, fees may be unusually high. Dues fees can be much higher compared to single apartments, especially in real estate. For this, you should know the dues fees when looking for an apartment for sale or rent. Membership fees for sites with a pool, garden, parking, security and gym may exceed your budget.


Therefore returns can be defined as follows:


Revenue: It is the money received from tenants or apartment owners, to cover the expenses of common spaces in apartments and sites. Tenants and apartment owners are also obligated to pay the monthly fees determined by the apartment management.


The apartment fee schedule is prepared by the apartment management and shared with the tenants and apartment owners. You can prepare the apartment fee schedule in its simplest form using a computer program.


You can also set up a monthly fee schedule using special software. By posting the dues schedule in the apartment notification area, you clearly announce when and how much of the dues will be paid.


In what case is the proceeds fee not paid in Turkey?


Apartment residents are obligated to pay the monthly fee. If the floor owners do not pay the apartment fee, they must pay the overdue increase determined by the Floor Owners Council. If the dues are not paid despite the increased delay, a lawsuit can be filed and enforcement proceedings can start later.


What is the law of revenue fees in Turkey?


The Apartment Fees Law has been clarified in Article 20 of the Ownership Law, No. 634, in the event that there is no other agreement between each of the apartment owners, as follows:


  1. A) Pay fees equivalent to the expenses of the janitor, heating and security guards.


  1. B) For insurance premiums on prime real estate and other expenses such as maintenance, protection, reinforcement and repair expenses for all common places and other expenses, such as the manager’s salary and the advance to be collected to cover operating expenses and public utility expenses at the rate of their share of the plot of land; Committed to attend.


  1. C) Apartment owners cannot avoid paying these expenses and the advance share by waiving the right to use in common places or facilities or claiming that there is no need or need to take advantage of them because of the state of their independent division.


Any of the other floor owners or the manager may file a lawsuit and implementation procedures according to the management plan, and this law and general provisions are against the owner of the apartment, who does not pay the expenses or the share provided.


This, and the owner of the apartment who does not pay the full expenses and the share provided, is obliged to pay a monthly compensation of five percent for the days in which the payment is late. If the expenses mentioned in the first paragraph are the result of a wrong act, of one of the apartment owners or the person benefiting from his independent share in any way, those who participate in the expenses have the right to recourse to the owner of the apartment or those who caused the alimony.


How is the revenue fee regulated in Turkey?


The Floor Ownership Law regulated the method of distributing the expenses of managing the complex to the residents, but it allowed for other special provisions to be determined by the housing complex administration, such as the adoption of some forms of restricted distribution, according to various factors such as:


Share in land ownership.

The area of ​​the property.

The division is equal or uneven.


Accordingly, these expenses are treated like credit payments, and shareholders must pay them in advance, and it is not possible to evade the commitment to the approved division for any excuse.


A delay fine of 5% for each month shall be applied to those who are late in paying the advance payments, and the delay value is calculated by day, so that 5% is calculated for the whole month, and divided by the number of days of delay.


For example, if the value of the advance payment for the proceeds = $ 100 per month, then the value of the monthly delay fine = $ 5, so the value of the daily fine = 5 30 = $ 0.16, multiplied by the number of days of delay. If the contributor is 7 days late, for example, he pays 7 days x $ 0.16 = $ 1.16.


According to the law, the complex management has the right to initiate legal procedures towards shareholders who do not make the payments due in advance. These procedures range from demanding payment, right up to filing a lawsuit, and it may result in a legal mortgage on the property, and in some cases it may reach a ruling to transfer ownership.


How is the value of the proceeds determined in Turkey?


The expenses of residential complexes are determined based on the above-mentioned operating project, and if there are no special provisions mentioned within the complex management plan, then in this case the division of revenues is determined according to Article 20 of the Floor Property Law.


Where the proportional distribution of returns is determined as follows:


50% for staff.

25% for energy and maintenance resources.

25% for compound management.


These percentages do not differ regardless of the size of the complex, the number of independent parts in it, or the diversity of residential complexes facilities and their public or social services, such as sports clubs and health facilities.


It is customary for the collector’s board of directors to calculate the estimated expenses for a period of one month, then present them to the general council of the complex, where it is approved in the general meeting of the owners, and converted into an operating project, and a final decision is enforceable.

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