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How to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

How to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

Many foreign citizens and investors in Istanbul went to buy apartments, and many questions were raised about this topic, as they are always looking for one of the real estate companies that gives them sincere advice to buy an apartment in Istanbul, which will provide them with a home of happiness and a decent living.

Where in this article we will provide some information regarding the issue of buying apartments in Istanbul, with the aim of providing the best option through obtaining the best home. We will answer your questions about how to buy an apartment in Istanbul, along with providing the necessary advice, which should be followed in order to avoid the many fraudulent methods and be away from the trap of scammers and fraudsters in the Turkish real estate market.

In answer to a question; How to buy an apartment in Istanbul? It can be answered by providing some advice provided by specialists in the Turkish real estate market, which will lead you to safety when buying an apartment in Istanbul. Among these tips are the following:

1.Building characteristics

When buying an apartment in Istanbul, you must make sure of the building characteristics, as the buildings in Istanbul are known for their antiquity, as they are in a historical city that extends for hundreds of years, so you must be careful when choosing an apartment in this city, and make sure of the age of the building so that it is modern. The age of the building plays an important role in choosing the right property or apartment, and it is at the forefront of things that must be paid attention to.
2. Site construction

Try to choose the appropriate location for your apartment, as the location of the apartment should be close to health and educational centers and shopping centers, so avoid choosing locations that lack the necessary services for apartments.
3. Avoid crowded areas

When searching for an apartment in Istanbul, avoid buying an apartment in crowded areas that are densely populated, as these areas are characterized by high prices on the one hand, and they cause their residents to live short and uncomfortable in housing on the other. Therefore, if you want to get a property in a good location, away from crowds, you should stay away from the sites that are more crowded. And focus on quiet areas.

Choose an apartment with a future in the real estate market

Experts in the Turkish real estate market often advise to choose an apartment in a place that is subject to development with time, as this apartment with the passage of days and the aging of years, will generate huge profits for you, if you want to sell it in the future. There is no doubt that real estate located in an area under development, will gain an increase in its value in a short period of time. Because the areas that are under development, the prices of their properties increase with the advancement of time, and the increase in demand for them.
5. Determine the budget

Determining the budget allocated for the purchase of an apartment in Istanbul is one of the most important things that should be addressed, and in order to avoid falling into financial problems after purchasing the property, work hard when purchasing the property to evaluate the appropriate options for your budget.
6. Easy transportation

Means of transportation of all kinds, the Metro Metrobus tramway, plays a big role in the process of buying apartments, as real estate increases in value to the extent that it is closely linked to the public transport network, so you should make sure that the apartment that you intend to buy is close to the means of transportation, and enjoys easy access to it and fast transportation to and from .
7. Biotic areas

You should search for your apartment in vital areas, which will bring you a good future in the long run, and try to make your apartment far from remote areas, which lack the necessities of life.

In a related context, there are statements by Mr. Chagry Boyaz, Hurriyat Amlak Sales Manager, in which he talks about the factors that should be paid attention to when purchasing an apartment, from choosing the appropriate location, building characteristics, and other important matters.

Mr. Chagary stresses the need to pay attention to the characteristics of residential real estate, which have made the best investment for those who invested in them, which have proven an investment success for investors, and the cities that have formed the best sources of real estate investment. Because the right choice is an important reason for a successful real estate investment.

Beware of fraudulent methods and avoid them when purchasing an apartment

In this article we will also provide you with some other advice that will protect you from the evils of fraudsters, and protect you from fraudulent and deceptive networks in the real estate market, and these tips include the following:

Not to give any personal information to any party before making sure of the reliability of the party that deals with it. In front of you, you will find many real estate companies that practice lying and swindling people when buying apartments.
Not to buy the property without making sure of its validity on the ground, as real estate companies should be asked to take you on a real estate tour, through which you see the property that you intend to buy, and make sure that the information provided to you by the real estate companies that deal with it is correct.
Try to make sure that there are official documents for the building in which you intend to live, and take papers related to the building permit and its ownership, be careful of date numbers so that they are not registered with old dates, and avoid mistakes that occur in the names by comparing the names in the contract, with the names in the bond Property.
You should also review all documents related to the ownership of the property, and do not forget to mention everything related to the property from space – manipulator – facilities – garage and others in the contract between you and the owner of the property.
If the purchase of the property was carried out in installments, make sure of the installments value, the specified period, payment dates, the specified delivery date, the penalty clause in case the delivery date is delayed, and the finishes in case the property or residential unit is obligated to do so.
When signing the contract between you and the property owner, make sure of the identity of the property owner or the identity of the principal in the sale process, and if the property owner has more than one owner, you must ensure that all parties agree to the sale process.

The most important thing of all the aforementioned is to make sure that the property is documented, which allows you to guarantee all the rights that you have as a customer who buys an apartment, and the property is documented through the following methods:
The first method: the validity of the signature

You must beware of forged signatures, and not make such disastrous mistakes, so you who want to buy an apartment must make sure of the validity of the signatures on the concluded contract.
The second method: the court ruling

Through this method, whoever wants to buy an apartment in Istanbul obtains a court ruling, to transfer the property to his name. It is the method that is more secure and safe, but it may take some time.
The third method: the real estate month

One of the most popular methods through which you can guarantee yourself the transfer of ownership in your name, as it is sufficient to go to the real estate registry, and you submit a request to transfer ownership of the property on your name, and this issue may take more than 3 months, but your obtaining the date of submitting the application is sufficient to prove Your full ownership of the property.
Where do I buy an apartment in Istanbul?

After learning how to buy an apartment, and following the advice that leads you to the road to safety when buying a property in Istanbul, you find a wide range of options available in relation to where you intend to buy the property, especially since a city like Istanbul provides you with many of the ingredients and reasons that make you Confused about your order when you want to own a specific property in one of Istanbul’s districts.

The large real estate market that Istanbul enjoys puts you in front of a group of options that weighting between them will not be easy, but with an overview of the real estate market in Istanbul these days, we find or areas such as Esenyurt, Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece are witnessing a great real estate activity, and these areas abound in operations Selling and investing. Where you can buy an apartment in these areas with very nice specifications, and at reasonable prices.

In addition, investment projects related to the sale and purchase of residential real estate in areas such as Levent, Sultan Ayub and Bagcilar have witnessed a great increase and a tremendous turnout in recent years, and it is noticeable that such areas in Istanbul are very close to the center, and they are witnessing a great urban expansion in Istanbul.

In this context, our real estate company provides you with a set of the best services for all our esteemed clients, these services start through pre-sales services, after-sales services, and there are services related to the process of naturalization files if your property meets the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

In order to kill two birds with one stone, you can own a property in Istanbul with a value of 250 thousand US dollars, and at the same time you can apply for Turkish citizenship, this option has been taken by many investors and those who want to own property in Turkey.

The following is a list of some real estate projects that enable you to own an apartment and obtain Turkish citizenship:

The Kordon Istanbul project, which is located in the Kathane area of ​​the European city of Istanbul.
The Brand Istanbul project, which occupies a special place in Beylikduzu, on the E5 line, in front of the Metrobus station, on an area of ​​78,000 square meters.
The Xierva Strada project, which is located in Bahcesehir, which is one of the most prominent investment centers in Istanbul, and this project is characterized by its modern architectural design, green spaces, and beautiful water bodies, which enables residents to enjoy the beauty of nature, in addition to living in an integrated modern complex.
Arsin Yacham project, which is characterized by its strategic location in the Buyukcekmece area near the E5 highway.
The Siliv Istanbul project is in the Esenyurt area in the European section of Istanbul.

Editing: Taksim Homes

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