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Investing in Turkey for Jordanians

Investing in Turkey for Jordanians

Investing in Turkey for Jordanians

Turkey is one of the most important countries that work to attract foreign investors on its territory, as it is one of the most attractive investment sites that attract Jordanians and other nationalities from Arab and foreign countries, and in view of the opinions of experts and specialists in the field of real estate investments, the rush of Jordanian investors to Turkey It is due to the following reasons:

Significant gains from guaranteed profit investments.
The strong infrastructure that the Turkish state possesses in its various states, and to provide the necessary services and public utilities to investors in the field of real estate.
The high turnout by investors to Turkey in recent years, accompanied by the increase in the number of real estate ownership by foreigners.
The stability the Turkish state is witnessing at various levels.
The Islamic values ​​that Turkey exhibits, which make it a desirable country by Jordanian investors, as the similar customs and cultures between the two countries encourage investment in Turkey.
The ancient history of Turkey, its rich cultural wealth, and the Islamic civilizations that melted it in its melting pot.
Turkey’s temperate climate, which is very close to the climate and weather in its neighboring Arab countries. And the charming nature of it, which is rich in its tourist potential, which distinguishes it from other countries.
The strategic geographical location of the Turkish state on the neighborhood of Jordan. And the enormous area that it includes, through which it forms the link between the European and Asian continents.
Turkey is the sixth among the best tourist countries in the world, thanks to the presence of distinguished tourist places in its states, and its historical, cultural and social richness.

These and other reasons have prompted Jordanian investment seekers in particular, and Arab and foreign investors in general, to go to Turkey and start investment projects that would bring them stability in a country with strong economic growth and a suitable environment for businessmen in the investment and commercial sectors.

With the availability of many real estate projects in Turkey, and the interest of investors by the Turkish government, by providing a set of facilities to investors, the desire of Jordanian citizens to go to Turkey has increased, with the aim of obtaining a suitable investment opportunity, facilitating safe and profitable investment operations, and obtaining From then on Turkish citizenship.

What are the advantages of investing in Turkey for Jordanians?

In fact, the Turkish state offers its investors a set of unique investment incentives that earn their owners huge profits from its real estate projects, and among these incentives are the following:

The presence of a large number of internal markets that are suitable for real estate investments.
Reducing taxes related to real estate projects, and investment incentives to encourage investors.
Solid infrastructure that provides abundant profit for investments.
Turkish strong and developed economy, which seeks to enter among the most powerful economies in the world.
Availability of manpower and skill in many real estate projects.

Buying a property in Turkey for Jordanians

According to data and statistics issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, Jordanian citizens come in second place in the Arab world, and they are ranked fifth in the world in terms of buying real estate in different regions in Turkey. The reason for this is due to the low exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the Jordanian dinar, and Jordanians ’appetite for the Turkish real estate market significantly in recent years.

These statistics indicate a remarkable increase in the ownership of Jordanians in Turkey, and the Jordanian investors entering the Turkish real estate market with tremendous force in the new year, and looking at the real estate market, we see during the first two months of the current year 2020, Jordanians have owned 151 properties, through the purchase of apartments. They are ranked second in buying apartments, and owning real estate, after Iraqi citizens.

And if we carefully look at the data of the past year 2019, we see the number of real estate purchased by Jordanian investors has reached 2,433 properties. These figures are recorded for Jordanian citizens and investors, if compared to previous years, we see the difference is clear and the gap is wide, in terms of the high numbers of real estate Jordanians bought in the last two years, given the previous years.

In a related context, the head of the Jordanian Housing Investors Association, Eng. Zuhair Al-Omari, stated that the housing sectors in Jordan have been declining during the past three years only. The volume of real estate trading witnessed a decline of nearly two billion dinars.

Mr. Al-Omari added in his statement that a large number of real estate companies in Jordan had stopped working, and that a large part of them had been taken to move to the Turkish real estate market and work in it.

This, of course, is due to the solid ground in which investment movements are active in Turkey, and the availability of favorable conditions for investment in Turkey for Jordanians in particular, and for all Arab and foreign nationalities in general.

An important thing cannot be forgotten, which is that buying real estate in Turkey and owning in Turkey gives the owner of the property or investor the right to reside in the country legally, and to obtain real estate residence, which allows him, after about five years, to apply for Turkish citizenship, according to the rules And certain controls and conditions, according to the estimates of the Turkish authorities.

With regard to the issue of obtaining Turkish citizenship, when the Jordanian investor buys one or more real estate, valued at $ 250,000, he will be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

What do Jordanians find in Turkey?

There is no doubt that the geographical proximity of the Turkish state to Jordan is one of the reasons why Jordanians think of coming to Turkey, and living in Turkey in safety and stability by undertaking vital projects that yield huge profits to them.

In general, when a Jordanian citizen comes to Turkey, he does not find a big difference between his country of origin and Turkey, as he will notice those customs, customs and traditions that are similar between the Turkish and Jordanian people, and there is something more important than that, which is the issue of the cost of living in Turkey, so the cost of living in Turkey is considered It is close to its costs in Jordan, and this constitutes a factor that helps Jordanians adapt quickly to life in Turkey.

In addition, there is the issue of Turkish education and the Turkish language, as the Turkish citizen will not find it difficult to learn, due to the presence of many Arab and international schools, which take education in Arabic and English as a means, and in this way the difficulty of the Turkish language barrier will definitely be broken in Turkey.

Also, when the Jordanian citizen comes to Turkey, he will find in front of him a Muslim country that conducts all religious rites and respects all other monotheistic religions. In every street and neighborhood of Turkey, minarets calling for prayer will be heard.

If we want to talk about Turkish tourism, it is currently the home of tourism in the world, and that the Jordanian citizen in Turkey will be surprised by what he will find of prominent tourist areas, beautiful and charming nature, wide green spaces, large attractive parks and many other tourist places that are distributed in different regions. From Turkey.

In a context related to Turkish tourism, and according to statistics issued by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the numbers indicate that Jordanians ranked eleventh among visitors to Istanbul, the largest Turkish state in recent years.

Our talk about Turkish tourism, and the arrival of Jordanians to Turkey, is confirmed by the statistics issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Travel in Turkey, which say that 282 thousand Jordanian tourists visited Istanbul in the last year 2019, which is a number assigned to Istanbul only, where what was calculated In other states, the number will undoubtedly increase.

In addition to all of the above, the Jordanian citizen will find in Turkey a modern and developed country, which has opened its arms to all means of development and modernization in various areas of life, which will comfort Jordanians in Turkey.

Types of investment in Turkey for Jordanians

Turkey is one of the most European countries that encourage investment for foreigners, and provides great facilities for that, and provides the infrastructure for many investment projects for investors, in addition to multiple tax exemptions in various real estate sectors, and encourages the establishment of high-end real estate projects, in a way that meets the aspirations of the promising real estate market. ; With the possibility of convenient installments for foreign investors, and facilitating the granting of exceptional Turkish residency and citizenship to investors in the event that they own real estate with a specific value.

The investor finds in front of him a great opportunity and a variety of options from different investments, on large areas in different parts of the country. There are many types of investment in Turkey, and the investor chooses what he wants, according to the budget specified for him.

There are industrial investments that concern many factories and factories, and there are some agricultural and food investments related to farms and agricultural lands, and there are real estate investments that concern the sale and purchase of residential apartments, luxury villas, residential complexes, commercial offices and stores, and many other types of investment that are desired by all investors.

Those who want to invest in Turkey for Jordanians can benefit from the real estate projects offered by Taksim Homes, with the professional services of our groups that provide pre-sale and post-sale services, and among these real estate investments:

Liv Marmara project, which is located in Beylikduzu district in the European city of Istanbul, is close to the E-5 highway, and with charming sea views, and contains 495 apartments of 1 + 1 and 1 + 2 styles, as well as 45 shops.

The Panorama boutique project, which is located in the Başakşehir area in the European section of Istanbul, consists of 12 buildings, with a height of up to 8 floors, and includes 123 apartments, 24 villas, and contains 12 shops.

And the Avenue Istanbul project, which is located in the Beylikduzu area of ​​the European city of Istanbul, the distinctive location of this project in front of the Metrobus station gives it great importance in terms of easy transportation to and from all parts of Istanbul, and the Avenue Istanbul consists of 5 towers, with heights reaching 22 floors, As for the total number of apartments, it is 470 apartments.
Ownership in Turkey for Jordanians

The most important question in this paragraph is the following: Can a Jordanian citizen own real estate in Turkey? To answer this question, we can say:

That when the ownership law was issued in Turkey in 2012, some nationalities were added to the list of countries that can own property in Turkey, and the Jordanian nationality was one of these nationalities that were added to the list.

In this way, the Jordanian citizen or investor has the right to purchase two properties for housing, and one property for trade, and the commercial property must be a shop or a commercial office.

But there is an important point in this matter, which is that the Jordanian citizen is not entitled to own land in Turkey, as the Turkish law does not include Jordanian nationality in owning land, so Jordanians who want to own land, we advise them to establish a company in Turkey so that they can register the land in the name of this company. .

As for the documents required for the procedures for the ownership of Jordanians in Turkey, they are as follows:

Translate the passport into Turkish.
Authentication of the translated passport at the notary (Notre), or through Turkish embassies abroad.
Two personal photos.
Pay the title deed fees.
Extracting a tax number.
The presence of the concerned person or his official representative, upon submitting a power of attorney notarized (Notre), or through Turkish embassies abroad.


The talk in this article was about Jordanian citizens, through the title that bears the name of investing in Turkey for Jordanians, as we presented at the beginning of the article some opinions of experts and specialists in the field of real estate investments, which show the reasons for the rush of Jordanian investors to Turkey.

Then we talked in the second paragraph about the advantages of investing in Turkey for Jordanians, and we explained some unique investment incentives that the Turkish state offers to its investors, which achieve huge profits for its owners from its real estate projects.

We have continued talking about buying a property in Turkey for Jordanians, and we mentioned some data and statistics issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority on the number of properties purchased by Jordanian investors in Turkey in recent years.

Then we presented the following question in the article: What do Jordanians find in Turkey? We provided a clear and sufficient answer to this question, and showed in it a number of advantages that a Jordanian citizen finds upon coming to Turkey.

Then we moved on to talk about some types of investment that could work in Turkey for Jordanians, and we talked about the location of ownership in Turkey for Jordanians, and we have numbered the papers necessary to own a property in Turkey for the citizen and the Jordanian investor.

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