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Investment opportunities in Turkey

Investment opportunities in Turkey

Investment opportunities in Turkey

There are many alternatives to both short and long term investments. We have compiled the different types of investment that you can choose according to your experience, knowledge, and goals.


The types of investment can be divided mainly into two types: financial investments and production investments. There are various alternatives under these two basic types of investment. Let’s take a look at the types of investments that can get your money back.


Types of investments in Turkey

Financial investments

These investments are also known as financial investments. In these investments, the investor can become a shareholder or partially buy an existing value-added instead of buying and selling a product directly or setting up a production facility. The prominent subspecies of financial investments are:




It is a type of investment in which companies that have been offered to the public are shared, in other words, shares of companies that have been opened on the stock exchange with them. Shares earn money to their investors in two ways: selling and distributing profits after the stock has gone up in value. Dividend is the share distributed to shareholders of the profit of a company that is a partnership. It can be offered in cash or as stock.




Countries and large corporations raise money from investors and sell bonds in exchange for meeting their immediate cash needs. A bond is a document stating that the loan will be repaid on the specified date and with the specified interest. Investors can buy local bonds or buy bonds from other countries.


Bank investments:


Banks give interest income on money deposited in time deposit accounts. The amount of this interest varies by bank, cyclical inflation rate, and maturity.


Buying foreign currencies:


In countries where free exchange rate policy is applied, buying and selling foreign currencies is also an investment tool. These transactions can be performed instantly through exchange offices or online banking services.




Real estate investments:


Real estate prices usually rise in many points of Turkey continuously. This makes real estate investments one of the preferred investment tools. In addition to estimating the property’s value, the rental income must also be taken into account.


You can find out the most appropriate citizenship for real estate investment and evaluate alternatives from different regions of Turkey.


Production investments


Production investments are mainly as follows: plant construction or acquisition, growth investments for an existing facility, modernization investments, research and development investments …


Production investments can be divided into several subheadings. If explained in general terms, it can be said to be investments made by building a production facility from scratch or purchasing an existing production facility. This facility can produce products in addition to services. Unlike financial investments, profit is not obtained by selling the good which earns interest or value. Instead, it is obtained by selling the service or product.


What are the options for real estate investment in Turkey?

The options available from the forms of real estate investments in Turkey can be enumerated through the following:


Investing in apartments


There is a great preference for Arab investors to invest in apartments in Turkey, as studies conducted by bodies concerned with foreign investments in Turkey indicate that Arab investors in general, and Saudis and Iraqis in general, prefer to buy residential homes in Turkey.


Where you can benefit from this type of investment in the process of renting it out or selling the property after a period of time and earning huge profits.


There is a type of investor who prefers to buy apartments under construction in huge residential projects in Turkey, and to obtain abundant profits after the completion of the construction process and the sale of apartments.


Among the most important residential projects that can be offered for sale in Istanbul are the following: The Tunhan Suites project, which is located in the most famous areas of Istanbul, the Beylikdüz region, and there is the Istanbul project 216, which is located in Kadikoy in the Asian section of Istanbul, and to learn more about the projects that we offer in Taksim Homes please click here.


Investing in villas


Investing in the sale or purchase of villas in Turkey is one of the most important successful real estate investments, as it can be used to establish various and varied companies, and it is also possible to benefit from the villas project in tourist areas with the aim of leasing them to be restaurants or tourist cafes.


Investing in commercial offices


Investing in commercial offices is a great opportunity to use these offices for commercial purposes.


As it spreads in Turkey a large group of centers that were built with the aim of shopping or the towers that contain offices, shops and shops for sale in Turkey


Investments can also be made in buying offices and shops, renting them out or opening special projects in them. It is worth noting that tourist offices and Arab restaurants are among the pioneering projects in Turkey, from which investors reap many profits.


In different regions of Turkey, there are many tourist offices, airline reservations offices and service offices, so investing by owning a commercial office in Aksaray or Sisli in Istanbul, for example, is a real opportunity that provides a lot of profits.


Invest in owning the towers


Owning towers can be used to build large multi-specialty companies, various medical centers, or some major educational centers. Arab and international schools in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, are a great investment idea for buildings, especially after the number of Arabs in Turkey has doubled.


Reasons that encourage real estate investment in Turkey

In Turkey, there are many reasons that can encourage investors and businessmen to buy and invest in real estate, and the most important of these reasons are the following:


  • Real estate ownership laws in Turkey that are in the interest of the foreign investor.
  • The distinctive strategic location of Turkey in the middle of the world between Europe and the Arab countries, which encourages the interest of investors to Turkey.
  • The social structure in Turkey is close to Arab societies.
  • The strength of the Turkish economy helps to encourage real estate investments in Turkey.
  • The promising investment market that Turkey possesses.
  • The close interdependence between the fields of investment in Turkey, such as industry, agriculture, real estate, trade and tourism, all of them push investors to start their projects and encourage them to start with their investments.
  • An advanced transportation network that depends on the best modern technologies.
  • And the presence of railways linking the Turkish states with central and eastern Europe.
  • Provides international routes that connect Turkey with European countries.
  • Government benefits that encourage real estate investment in Turkey

Of course, it is not possible when talking about real estate investment opportunities without mentioning the many benefits that the Turkish government provides to foreign investors, in order to encourage them to invest in Turkey, the most important of which is granting them residency and then Turkish citizenship according to specific legal controls.


In this context, it can be said that the Turkish government offers all its available capabilities, and is making great efforts in the aspects of investment in Turkey, which will be of abundant benefit to the Turkish economy.


The Turkish state has developed a set of strategic plans, which it aspires, through its implementation, to be at the forefront of countries in the world, and to achieve advanced positions among the civilized countries of the world.


All of these strategic plans were concurrent with a set of practical steps that encourage investors to implement a set of major projects, which will play a role in pushing Turkey to be in the first places among countries.


These strategic plans can be highlighted by placing investors in the form of projects that the Turkish government undertakes in order to revitalize the areas specialized in real estate for sale in Istanbul, including:


There is a group of large national projects that Turkey is working to implement, such as: the Istanbul Canal project, which will have a pivotal role in maximizing Turkey’s status and increasing the commercial work space allocated to it. It is expected that by doing this project, the shareholder will collect profits and revenues estimated at billions of dollars for Turkey in general, and for Istanbul in particular.

There is also a group of projects related to the issue of the infrastructure of Istanbul, which the Turkish state has worked to prepare, such as: highways, the last of which was the Izmir Istanbul road, which shortened the distance between the two cities, from eight and a half hours to about three and a half hours. In addition to Istanbul Airport, which is the largest in the world at the present time.

In Istanbul, we have a huge network of public transport lines, and Turkey is currently connecting all regions of Istanbul with a new transportation network. Where the longest metro line was opened, “Gebze Halkali”, which works to connect the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. It is expected that we will witness the opening of a number of new metro lines in the current year 2020, which will facilitate the transportation process, reduce traffic congestion, and significantly shorten the time and distances in Istanbul.

The Turkish government provides the necessary support for vital projects, specifically productive projects and export projects. It also provides remarkable support for import substitution projects, especially in the field of electronics and digital technology. This would play a big role in stimulating the demand for the real estate market in Istanbul.

The Turkish government has carried out a major revitalization of foreign trade, and this coincides with the agreements it has signed with a number of countries in the region. For example: Turkey recently witnessed the restoration of the Silk Road, which connects Turkey with China through a number of countries, to facilitate the movement of exports and imports.

Therefore, after looking at those strategic plans, which the Turkish government has worked on and is working to implement, we see that these plans greatly and effectively help in the renaissance of the real estate market in Istanbul.

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