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Live in Turkey

Live in Turkey

Live in Turkey

The great progress that Turkey has achieved in recent years, and in various fields, has made it a favorite destination for many investors to make their investments in it, and choose a country like Turkey to reside in it and live through a decent life, commensurate with the level of investments that they will work to achieve in one of its states and neighborhoods.

Where you find in Turkey all the necessary ingredients for the desired high life, these elements that are only available in developed countries, which have known more development in various areas of their lives, in addition to that the Turkish state has witnessed a qualitative transition over the last twenty years, and at various social levels. The economic, health, educational, and other areas, which had a great impact on living in Turkey, with the aim of searching for a stable life, would secure for their investments the stability they hoped for.

How do you move to live in Turkey?

For investors wishing to come to Turkey and live in it, the first step that should be taken is to apply to the Turkish embassy in the home country in which he lives, with the aim of obtaining an entry visa to Turkish territory.

After obtaining a visa to enter Turkey, the second step comes, which is to find a suitable type of residence in Turkey in which you explain the reason for coming to Turkey, where you find in front of you many types of residency types, including tourism, including real estate residence, student residence, and other types Other.

Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is one of the most important steps in the ways of moving to Turkey to live in it, where you can practice life normally.

When looking at the types of residency in Turkey, we find that real estate residency is one of the best types of real estate in Turkey, which ensures that you stay continuously on Turkish lands, and this real estate residence is obtained by purchasing a property and registering it in your name in the Land Registry Directorate.

Also, residency through the purchase of real estate is renewed every year, and both the wife and children who are under eighteen can obtain real estate residency as accompanying the owner of the property.

There is a residence that is short-term, known as tourist residence, as it can be relied upon until you can buy a property, and move through it to real estate residence.

By obtaining real estate residency for a period of eight years, you can obtain permanent residency that allows you to live in Turkey like a Turkish citizen, as this residence is given to the resident on Turkish territory continuously, without interruption for eight years, and according to specific conditions, and enjoys most of the advantages that citizens enjoy The real ones in Turkey.

There is a work permit that is given to foreigners coming to Turkey with the aim of working there, and employment in a Turkish company. It is also possible to obtain the family residence permit for the family members of the employee who obtained the work permit.

In Turkey, we have one of the types of residency permits granted to foreigners in Turkey, student residency that is granted to international students coming to Turkey, with the aim of obtaining a place in a Turkish university.

There is also a family residence permit that can be obtained, in the event that the foreign man marries a Turkish woman, or the woman marries a Turkish man, where the owner of it is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship after three years.

Advantages of living in Turkey

After obtaining a suitable type of Turkish residency, the first moments of stable living in Turkey begin, and the aspects of Turkish life are discovered, so what are the advantages of living in Turkey?

We can say that the simplicity that the Turkish people enjoy in dealing with various aspects of life is the first advantage of comfortable living in Turkey. The Turkish people are an elegant people in their style, regular in their dealings, and respectful of other traditions and customs, this matter makes it easier for those wishing to live in Turkey the affairs of their life.

The nature of the living system that it enjoys in Turkey, which is close to the living system in the Arab countries, which is characterized by its lack of complexity and smoothness in life, and is also considered one of the most important advantages of living in Turkey.

Simplicity in living and smoothness in life, it has moved to the official departments and state institutions, where it can conduct legal transactions completely easily without any trouble. In addition, the presence of a huge network of transportation lines in Turkey provides you with easy transportation between Turkish regions and states.

The similar customs and traditions between the Arab and Turkish societies in many aspects of life, cultural and social, and the best example of this are some similar customs, which are represented in the types of similar foods and drinks between the two peoples.

In addition, the bond of religion and the factor of common ties between Turkey and the countries of the Arab world is one of the most important advantages that guarantee you a comfortable life in Turkey. Wherever you turn to your faces, you will find a part of the mosques, and in every neighborhood. And since Turkey is a country that respects other monotheistic religions, it is very easy for a person residing in Turkey to practice the rites of worship he wants.

We can add to the advantages of living in Turkey, its distinguished geographical location, as it is the link between the European and Asian continents, and a door for Arab countries to move from to European countries, which was a reason to encourage investors to live in Turkey.

The enchanting beauty of Turkey, and its being the heaven of God on this planet, is one of the advantages that fall into the advantages of living in Turkey. Azba, those who like tourism and travel yearn to come to it, to live in the embrace of these landscapes.

In addition to that, Turkey’s distinguished geographical location, which forms the link between the Asian and European continents, made many Arabs want to come to Turkey, live in it, and establish their investments in a country that encourages foreign investment and guarantees them their rights.

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, as the natural features that spread between its states include beautiful beaches, wonderful forests, vast green spaces, towering mountains, charming seas, and fresh rivers.

The availability of schools and universities that teach in English or in the Arabic language has broken the Turkish language barrier, and this is one of the many advantages that encourage and desire property owners to come to Turkey and live in it.

Among the most important advantages that Turkey enjoys is the development of technology technologies and Internet applications, as those coming to Turkey can benefit from these available technologies and applications in facilitating the process of extracting papers and achieving the required purposes quite easily.

Living in Turkey and investing in it

During the twenty years that have passed in Turkey, we have begun to see the great interest that the Turkish government gives to those who want to do investment projects, and provide great facilities that encourage the establishment of commercial projects, in terms of buying real estate.

The Turkish government is working hard to create a suitable environment, to provide all the necessary conditions to increase the number of investors, and to create a strong infrastructure for the investments that they will make on Turkish territory.

These facilities provided by the Turkish government were a main reason for the arrival of foreign investors in general, and Arab investors in particular, for their love of residence in Turkey, and the establishment of a project that guarantees them a luxurious and decent life.

In addition, the amendments related to the Turkish nationality laws, according to which the investment fees decreased from one million dollars to 250 thousand dollars, constituted a major factor in encouraging investors to visit Turkey and live in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

What are the best cities to live in Turkey?

Turkey has all the characteristics that make a resident in one of its states happy to live in it, there is no doubt that people’s tastes differ according to the desired living desires, some people want to live in quiet areas far from the noise of the city, and some people prefer to live in cities with many activities. So that he can keep up with his work.

Whoever wants to live in a city like Istanbul can fulfill all expected desires and find advantages that meet his ambitions and tastes. It has quiet areas far from traffic jams, and it has areas that are crowded with people, and it is a city that is suitable for rest, summer, trade and work, and there are many Gigantic projects, in which you can find the most wonderful tourist places such as parks, parks, historical places and other elements of tourism in Turkey.

Among the most important cities that are liveable in Turkey is Trabzon, which is considered the pearl of the Black Sea, this region that reaches it to calm and peace of mind on the one hand, and on the other hand you can implement whatever real estate investments you want in it. It also possesses a large group of tourist potentials that have a special luster in the eyes of tourists.

And whoever wants to live among tall buildings and work in huge factories, he can only go to the Turkish capital, Ankara, this city, which is distinguished by its beautiful buildings, meticulous engineering and organized planning, is a goal for all those wishing to settle in Turkey.

There is the city of Izmir, which is characterized by its beauty and ancient history, and it is the city that is one of the most important and best regions of Turkey, whether for permanent residence or for summer vacations, and it is also distinguished by its trade fairs and being a destination for merchants from all countries and Turkish states.

The city of Bursa, which overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara, is one of the best areas to live in Turkey, and this city is distinguished by its moderate climate, and its possession of a wonderful coastal geographical environment with its tourist characteristics, in addition to that, the ease of living in it, and the abundance of work and housing areas, make Bursa one of the best cities to live in Turkey.

It is not possible to talk about Turkish cities without mentioning Antalya, this city that is well known, with its warm beaches, luxury resorts, and other rich and kind Turkish states.

These cities that we mentioned occupy an advanced position among the Turkish states in terms of living in Turkey, but there are many Turkish cities that enjoy the elements of comfortable living in Turkey, such as Edirne, Sakarya, Tikrdag and many others ….

Cost of living in Turkey

There is no doubt that the economy in Turkey has enjoyed great strength during the last two decades, due to the large number of vital projects that have been established, such as the Istanbul Airport project, and are still being built in it, such as the Istanbul Canal project, which positively affected the Turkish economy and worked on its improvement and progress among global economies.

This great development in the Turkish economy has made livelihoods in Turkey easy, and the cost of prices cheap, given the possibilities of life in many European countries. When you carefully consider the cost of living between Turkey and European countries, you see a wide difference between the costs paid here and there, especially In the prices of meals and supplies, house rents or hotel expenses, and home and car rentals.

It can be said that the cost of living in Turkey differs from one state to another, according to the state that enjoys tourism activity, as the costs of living in a city such as Istanbul are more than the costs in other states such as Sakarya or Tikrdag, and this matter is due to the existence of fundamental differences between the states that are characterized by tourism. Where the prices of house rents and foodstuffs rise, compared to the states where tourism is not a primary source of income.


We accompanied you in our article for today with an article about living in Turkey, where we started the article by talking about the great progress that Turkey has made in recent years, and in various fields, which made it a favorite destination for many who want to own and live in Turkey.

Then we moved on to talk about the steps that should be followed in order to move to live to Turkey, where we explained in the first step the need to apply to the Turkish embassy in the home country in which they live in order to obtain an entry visa to Turkish territory, then move to the second step that opens the way for you to obtain On one of the types of residence in Turkey.

After talking about the types of residency that a foreign citizen gets in Turkey, we continued talking about the advantages of living in Turkey, and we listed for you a list of the most important features that come to Turkey to settle and reside in one of its states.

Then we continued talking about the most important thing for investors, which is to live in and invest in Turkey, and we mentioned the importance of the facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Then we wanted to talk about the best cities to live in Turkey, and we talked about the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa, these large cities in Turkey that host the majority of the population in Turkey.

At the end of the article, we mentioned the extent of the costs that can be spent in Turkey, and we made a comparison between these costs and their counterparts in European countries, and as a result of this comparison, we reached cheap prices in Turkey, and the strength of the Turkish economy in recent years.

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