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Live in Turkey for Iraqis

Live in Turkey for Iraqis

Live in Turkey for Iraqis

Living in Turkey for Iraqis is very desirable, as Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for Iraqi citizens, who wish to invest in it or who come with the aim of tourism among its most beautiful places or medical tourism.

According to the statistics issued by the Immigration Department in Turkey, the number of Iraqis in Turkey ranges between 700 and 900 thousand Iraqis, distributed in different regions of Turkey, but most of these ethnic groups prefer to live in the states of Istanbul, Bursa and Ankara.

Official data and statistics also indicate that the Iraqi community is the largest after the Syrian community in Turkey, and they intend to come to Turkey with multiple goals, including obtaining tourist residencies, investing in Turkey, and carrying out vital projects, and there are some Iraqi communities that come with the aim of medical tourism, with the aim of Receive treatment in the best Turkish hospitals.

There are great expectations that speak of a high percentage of Iraqis who prefer to live in Turkey, due to the presence of all the ingredients that encourage stability and a decent life, which every citizen in Turkey seeks, regardless of nationality.

This increase in the number of Iraqis coming to Turkey coincided with an increase in the percentage of real estate purchases in Istanbul, or residential apartments in many Turkish states, and the increase in the number of investment projects that they are working on establishing, which allows them and facilitates the procedures for obtaining real estate residency and stable living in Turkey.

Living in Turkey for the Iraqis is the best option

It is known to all that Turkey has emerged as one of the most European countries, which attracted large numbers of foreign nationalities to its lands, and Turkey is also the best option to live in for foreign investors in general, and Iraqi Arabs in particular, so why is living in Turkey for the Iraqis the best option? ? The answer to this question is by mentioning the following factors:

The distinctive geographical location of Turkey in relation to Iraqi citizens, the geographical proximity between Turkey and Iraq, and the common borders between them, Turkey is a country bordering Iraq and many Arab countries, and there are land crossings and air crossings between the two countries, which facilitate the movement that takes place between Turkey and Iraq.
The existence of many common customs and cultures between the Iraqi and Turkish peoples, in addition to that, the strong and solid bonds between the two countries, and the most important of these ties are: the common religion link, and the ties of kinship extending from the Ottoman era to today between the peoples of Turkey and Iraq.
The friendly relations between the two countries open the doors for the establishment of various types of investment projects in Turkey for Iraqi investors. This made life in Turkey for Iraqis more stable and safe.
There are a good number of Iraqi schools in Istanbul, Ankara, and separate areas of Turkey. These schools are licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Education, and under the supervision of Iraqi principals, and which are taught by Iraqi teachers of different Arab nationalities, and there are a large number of Iraqi students in these schools.
The facilities provided by the Turkish government to those who want to invest in Turkey, and thus easy access to real estate residency and Turkish citizenship.
The stability that Turkey is experiencing in various fields, politically, economically and socially, compared to the state of Iraq, which has suffered from the crisis of wars and strife in recent years, this matter has prompted Iraqi citizens to search for a more stable country, a country that guarantees them to live in safety and peace.
The extraordinary beauty of Turkish nature, Iraqis who want to visit tourism see in Turkey all the tourist assets they are looking for, from vast green spaces, flowing fresh rivers, steep waterfalls, prominent historical and archaeological places, and many other tourist elements available in many different tourist areas. in Turkey.

Iraqis live in Turkey and own property

It is very clear that most of the investors in the real estate market in Turkey are Iraqi investors, as Iraqi citizenship is what usually tops the first ranks in the purchasing indicators in the real estate market in Turkey.

The factors that we talked about in the previous paragraph have made living in Turkey for the Iraqis the ideal option for them, and not only that, these factors also encouraged the high turnout of Iraqi investors to own residential apartments and establish vital projects in the Turkish real estate market.

Therefore, questions abounded about the conditions for Iraqi ownership of real estate in general and apartments, especially in Turkey. To answer these inquiries, we can say that:

According to the law issued by the Turkish Presidency of the Council of Ministers in 2012, which relates to the purchase of real estate in Turkey by foreigners, Iraqi citizenship is included in the list of foreign nationalities that allow its citizens to own property in Turkey. After obtaining the approval of the Turkish Interior and Foreign Ministries.

Based on this law, Iraqi nationalities are entitled to own various types of real estate projects in Turkey, such as apartments, luxury villas, shops, stores, hotels, and other investment projects.

After the issuance of these decisions and their implementation on the ground, the Iraqi nationality topped the list of foreigners who owned real estate in Turkey, and the number of Iraqis wishing to live in Turkey, and who owned real estate in its states, reached almost 4 thousand in 2016.

Real estate residence is an important factor that encourages Iraqis to live in Turkey, as the Turkish government generally granted foreign citizens the right to obtain real estate residence, and accordingly, the real estate citizen, after purchasing the property or after carrying out his investment project, is entitled to obtain real estate residency. This allows for a long stay in Turkey.

Also, the amendments related to the investor’s obtaining Turkish citizenship, was one of the most important reasons for living in Turkey, and for the Iraqi citizen to settle in it. Under these amendments, the value of the property that opens the way to Turkish citizenship decreased from one million dollars to 250 thousand dollars.

And based on this law, Iraqi nationalities who own a property worth $ 250,000 were allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship, and after obtaining Turkish citizenship, all other rights, from registering children to schools and universities, be it Turkish schools. Or Arab and international schools located within the Turkish states, and can also open a bank account in all Turkish banks, and complete all the necessary papers and transactions within the Turkish government departments.

In addition to those facilities provided, it is possible to talk about some other measures that the Turkish government has provided to investors in general, with the aim of attracting Arab investors to Turkey, especially Iraqis, for their desire to buy real estate and homes in Turkey, as the Iraqis were the most beneficiaries of these Turkish laws, and from these laws :

The abolition of the reciprocity law in 2012 regarding the sale of real estate in Turkey to foreigners. This law, which granted Iraqi citizenship the right to enter the list of foreign nationalities, that allows its citizens to own property in Turkey.
After owning property in Turkey, Iraqi citizens have the right to obtain real estate residency, and live in Turkey, by enjoying most of the rights that Turkish citizens enjoy.
Mortgage and installment purchase laws, this law is intended for those with limited budgets from Iraqi investors, where an Iraqi citizen who wants to buy a property in Turkey can go to a Turkish bank, and buy a property in installments.
Abolition of value-added tax.
Real estate pricing in Turkey is only in Turkish lira.
Turkish citizenship law for those who buy real estate in Turkey with a value of at least a quarter of a million US dollars.

Looking at the numbers and data for the year 2019 AD, we see Iraqi nationality at the top of the list of foreign nationalities that buy real estate in Turkey. According to the data of the Turkish Statistics Authority, the number of Iraqis who bought real estate in Turkey reached 7 thousand and 596 Iraqi citizens during the year 2019.

Buying a property in Turkey for Iraqis

An Iraqi citizen who wants to live in Turkey will definitely look for an opportunity to own in Turkey and buy a property for him, whether for housing such as apartments, or for trade and investment such as commercial offices. And there are some Iraqis tend to buy luxury villas, which they spend their vacation time in, especially in cities such as Trabzon and Antalya.

In this context, Taksim Homes Real Estate provides you with the necessary and reliable information about the Turkish real estate market, and shows you some benefits and advice related to buying apartments, and Taksim Homes Real Estate offers you wide options for investment in apartments and offices, and it provides you with the best vital projects in Istanbul, And many other cities.

In this article, I focus on the topic of living in Turkey for the Iraqis, as we have clarified some official data and statistics issued by the General Immigration Department in Turkey on the number of Iraqi citizens in Turkey. We explained the prestigious and great position that Turkey enjoys in the eyes of Iraqi citizens.

Then we talked in the following paragraph about the fact that living in Turkey for the Iraqis is the best option, and we mentioned some factors that encourage Iraqis to come to Turkey, invest in it, and reside in one of its states.

Then we moved on to talk about living in Turkey for Iraqis and owning in it, as we presented in this paragraph of our article answers to all questions related to the conditions for Iraqi ownership of residential real estate in Turkey.

The end of the article was the talk about the idea of ​​buying a property in Turkey for the Iraqis, as this idea was most popular among Iraqi citizens who want to buy real estate in Turkey, with the aim of owning property in its lands and living in one of its states.

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