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Live in Turkey

Live in Turkey

Live in Turkey

Due to the low cost of living in Turkey, compared to many European countries, such as France, Italy and Spain, we find that large numbers of Arabs came to Turkey for tourism, work, study and stability in Turkey. With the low cost of living in Turkey, we see the high quality, and the enormous potential that Turkey possesses, in terms of the tourism potential, which has worked to attract tourists from everywhere around the world.

With the passage of days, and the passage of years, we see an increase in the numbers of Arab tourists in Turkey, and they began to search for ways to live in Turkey, and the reasons that encourage adaptation to living in Turkey.

And each of the societies in the world has customs, traditions and cultures that are unique to them, and they are distinguished by them over other nations, as customs and traditions in all countries of the world are formed to reflect all aspects of the life of societies, whether these customs start from greeting and greeting, and ending with conversations and chants Which people sing about, and the end of the kitchen, travel, clothes, and other traditions that characterize every people of the world.

Customs and traditions from a tourist look

There is no doubt that the common factor of Islam between the Arab and Turkish nations, and the mixing and mixing of Arabs and Turks over many centuries, has made many customs and traditions similar between the two peoples, so the Arab will not find it difficult to understand the Turkish culture, and to absorb the customs and traditions enjoyed by the Turkish people.

Turkey’s geographical location is very distinctive, as it is located in the eastern part of the European continent, and is one of the countries rich in authentic customs and traditions, and Turkey has a long history and great historical civilizations, which make the Turkish people more adherent to the customs and traditions of the ancestors, so in this article we will highlight The light on some of the traditions that characterize the Turkish people, and we will learn about some of the customs that the Turks practice continuously.

One of the things you see most used by the Turkish people is the greetings of greetings, through which they welcome their guests. The Turkish people are passionate about receiving guests, and they love to honor the guest who visits his home.

After the expressions of welcoming and honoring the guests comes the hospitality of tea, which can in no way be returned, wherever you go in Turkish cities and at any time, it is inevitable that the Turks will offer you a cup of hot tea, as a form of hospitality, welcoming you and getting to know you.

Drinking tea is one of the main drinks loved by the Turkish people, and more than that, he initiates himself to pour you a cup of tea a second and third time.

In return for this habit, the tea they offer you should not be returned and those customs should be respected. Tea is the most popular popular drink in Turkey, and all Turks drink it young and old at all times. In this regard, a global study can be listed that confirms the great extent in which Turkey consumes tea, It also confirms that the Turkish state, with its huge consumption of tea, ranks first among the countries of the world in consuming tea.

It is estimated that the Turkish people’s consumption of tea will reach more than 3 kilograms per person, equivalent to 1000 cups of tea annually. Where the Turks grow tea on the shores of the Black Sea, and in the Rize region, which is characterized by the appropriate climate.

Among the customs of the Turks in the method of preparing tea, they use a method that differs from the method of preparing tea in the Arab world. Several spoons of tea leaves in the second jug, where they are left to ferment over a low heat. After fermenting the herb, boiling water is poured into a small glass cup from the bottom jug, then brewed tea from the small jug is poured over it, sugar cubes are added, and served to the guests.

The tourist in Turkey notes the spread of carts selling semolina everywhere and in every neighborhood, this semolina, which is one of the simplest popular foods, and the most delicious simple snacks in the food culture, which characterizes the Turkish people.

In addition to all of the above, the Turkish people are considered a conservative people adhering to the customs of the ancestors. They oppose him, and do not let him stand in public parks or buses and parking lots.

Also, Turkey is known for the beauty of its nature and is famous for the diversity of its culture, this matter greatly contributed to making Turkey one of the main tourist destinations in the world, and that is one of the most natural things that tourists coming to Turkey can notice. .

It is worth noting that there are Turkish cities known as the city of roses as the city of Sparta, which is located in the Mediterranean region, and the cultivation of roses abounds, so that roses and flowers are exported from this city to various countries of the world, and this highlights the special position of this culture among the Turks, as it is an inherent part In their ancient history, which dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire.

Places to visit in Turkey

Talking about Turkey in terms of tourism is a conversation with sighs, and the ears are elated, as the tourist places in Turkey vary, which includes a large group of places and attractions that are popular for Arab tourists in particular, and it will surely suit the tastes of all tourists from different parts of the world. There are markets and malls, distinctive cities and buildings, picturesque nature, and charming resorts, so come with us on a tour through which we will inform you about some places worth visiting in Turkey:
Istanbul: the city of the European and Asian continents

The city of Istanbul, which is one of the most prominent tourist places in Turkey, and one of the most important and oldest cities in the world, where you see in this city charming beauty in every neighborhood, as it is full of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman palaces, gardens and green spaces, charming nature, mosques, churches, monasteries and monuments The walls, the most famous of which are Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye Mosque and the Blue Mosque.

Antalya: Turkey’s Land of Legends

The city of Antalya is one of the most wonderful Turkish cities, and one of the most amazing places that includes many tourist attractions in Turkey, this city which is famous for being the Turquoise Coast, is one of the amazing parts of the Turkish Mediterranean coast, in addition to that, this city combines the civilization of the past and the charm The present, where you see the restored Ottoman palaces and boutique hotels dotted around the city, and you can enjoy its green landscapes, by visiting the magnificent Diudan or Korsunlu Waterfalls, and spending an enjoyable time in the land of myths.
Ankara: The New Turkey

The tourist capital of Turkey, Ankara, is the center of the Turkish government, and it is one of the largest Turkish cities after Istanbul. It includes a large number of tourist attractions in its flanks, as the historical center of Ankara is centered on a rocky hill, 150 meters above the plain on the left bank of the Ankara Kayi River, one of the tributaries of the Sakarya River, and Ankara is one of the most famous and beautiful cities, as it is famous for its Angora goats. Long-haired, mohair yarn made of precious wool.

Alanya: Heaven on Earth in Turkey

There is no doubt that the city of Alanya, due to its extraordinary beauty, is considered a paradise among the tourist places in Turkey, and besides its beautiful climate and natural landscapes, it has a number of beaches with soft sandy coasts, and many other tourist attractions, including Damatas Valley, the Museum of Antiquities and the Dim Gayi Valley, which It makes it a great holiday center, and a beautiful destination for tourism in Turkey.
Cappadocia: the city of airships and jinn in Turkey

The Cappadocia region is located in the city of Noshehir, and it is famous for its thermal balloons, that if you tour through it you will have lived the most beautiful moments of your life, and there are many famous places in Cappadocia, which is one of the most amazing areas famous for rock formations, underground churches and underground cities, as it resides Hundreds of buildings underground.

Those who go to visit Cappadocia cannot miss the opportunity to see the view of the city of Jin (Kaymakli), which contains 8 levels in the depths of the earth, and Derinkuyu, which descends about 55 meters below the surface of the earth, in addition to the rocky mountain chimneys, so it is called the city of balloons and jinn.

Pamukkale: Turkey’s Cotton Castle

Pamukli is known as the Cotton Castle in Turkey, due to its bright whiteness, so that some people have reported that they saw snow in a hot climate of 40 degrees Celsius! This city is one of the most beautiful natural wonders among the tourist places in Turkey, in a hot spot, as the stunning white terraces of warm calcium-rich waters spread on the ground, and flow over the low slopes as layers of white ice in a wonderful miraculous view.
Fethiye: The Mermaid and Butterflies in Turkey

There is no finest city for tourists among the Turkish states, as Fethiye is one of the most amazing tourist places in Turkey, and it stretches along a beautiful natural harbor on a wide bay, and this city enjoys a very traditional lifestyle.

Thousands of tourists come annually to this region, and they practice scuba diving and surfing on a bright and beautiful coastal piece, and one of its most famous beaches on the Dead Sea (Oludeniz), a quiet beach with a bright turquoise color

Editing: Taksim Homes

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