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Living in Turkey for the Palestinians

Living in Turkey for the Palestinians

Living in Turkey for the Palestinians

In addition to many Arab and foreign nationalities present in Turkey, we find that Palestinians in Turkey are present in abundance and are spread in various Turkish states. The Turkish state, more than twenty years ago, began pursuing a new policy based on attracting qualified people and businessmen from other countries, and it worked on Encouraging investors to come to its lands, providing them with the opportunity to live in Turkey, and giving them the decent life that every human being would like to have.

With regard to the number of Palestinians present in the Turkish lands, the head of the Palestinian community in Istanbul Hazem Antar confirmed the presence of more than 22 thousand Palestinian citizens in various Turkish cities, and among them there are more than 12 thousand Palestinians residing in Istanbul, and they are distributed among the holders of the Palestinian passport And the document and the Jordanian passport.

In our article, we will talk about the issue of living in Turkey for the Palestinians, and we will work to provide sufficient and comprehensive information for the presence of Palestinian citizens in Turkey.

Living in Turkey for the Palestinians is the best option

The spirit of harmony, harmony and love between the two Palestinian-Turkish peoples is a watershed point in the Turkish-Palestinian relations. There are many things in which the nature of the two peoples is common, and brothers meet in one place.

The similar cultures and customs between the Turkish people and the Palestinian people play a great role in planting love between souls, cultivating intimacy between hearts, and working to ensure the speed of adaptation for the Palestinian citizen in Turkey.

The speed of adaptation for the Palestinian citizen in Turkey makes him able to open some vital projects that will benefit his owner on the one hand, and the Turkish economy on the other hand. In general, and the Palestinians in particular, such as the Falafel Gaza Restaurant in the Fatih area of ​​Istanbul, Europe.

In addition, the many services that Turkey provides to foreign investors and citizens encourage them to choose them from among other countries, and among these services:

Obtaining real estate residency and easy renewal if the property remains in your name.
The amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law, and the reduction of the minimum real estate investment candidate for Turkish citizenship from one million US dollars to a quarter of a million US dollars, this matter encouraged many Palestinian investors, and opened the way for them to obtain stability in Turkey.

The presence of a number of international Arab schools in general and Palestinian schools licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Education in particular helped Palestinian citizens to pursue their education in them, and these schools are working to provide the appropriate and appropriate atmosphere for students in Turkey.

Therefore, it can be said that the Palestinians in Turkey receive great attention from the Turkish government, whether they are investors or residents, and that they live a decent life with their Turkish brothers. They also hold various documents from many countries, including the Palestinians who hold Lebanese documents, and some of them hold Iraqi, Jordanian, or Syrian passports.

Living and owning property in Turkey for Palestinians

After the Palestinians entered Turkish lands, a set of questions arose in their minds about the issue of ownership in Turkey, and among these questions that ran in their minds were the following:

Does Turkish law allow the purchase of real estate for Palestinians in Turkey?

Does the Palestinian investor have the right to buy and own all types of real estate in Turkey? Such as apartments and land, for example?

Does a Palestinian who has a Syrian, Egyptian or Lebanese travel document have the right to own property in Turkey?

What are the necessary documents that must be prepared and the necessary procedures to complete the ownership operations for Palestinians in Turkey?

In our article on living in Turkey for the Palestinians, we will work to answer all these questions, and we will try to clarify all the vague inquiries regarding Palestinian ownership in Turkey, and we will explain the new Turkish laws related to this matter.

In this regard, it can be said that the law approved by the Turkish government in 2012 regarding the ownership of foreigners in Turkey included most Arab nationalities, including the Palestinian nationality, of course, and through this law the Turkish state allowed investors from more than 129 countries around the world, to Enter in competitions on the Turkish real estate market.

Based on this law, Palestinian investors have the right to buy various types of real estate in Turkey, without there being a specific limit that determines the number of real estate that a Palestinian investor can own.

In this way, Palestinian investors are allowed to own all types of real estate in Turkey, including: apartments, luxury villas, shops and commercial offices, stores, hotels, buildings and buildings.

Also, according to this law, Palestinian investors have the right to purchase various lands in different parts of Turkey, provided that the area of ​​land does not exceed 30 hectares, and the Palestinian investor can undertake all forms of investment in these lands.

With regard to the question related to the necessary papers that must be prepared, and the necessary procedures to complete the acquisition of the Palestinians in Turkey? It can be said:

According to the Turkish law issued by the Ministry of the Interior, Palestinians who want to own real estate need to obtain approval from the Turkish Ministry of Interior to purchase the property. After that, the transactions of transferring ownership from the Turkish real estate owner to the Palestinian citizen will be processed in the Land Registry Department.

It is worth noting that there is no significant difference when owning real estate between Palestinian citizens who hold a Palestinian passport (the Palestinian Authority passport), and Palestinian citizens who hold a Jordanian passport, as it is treated like a Jordanian citizen completely, and he is entitled to own property in Turkey.

In addition, Palestinian citizens who are in possession of Lebanese, Egyptian and Iraqi documents can also own real estate, according to the decision issued by the Land Registry Directorate in March of last year 2019, which relates to amending the conditions for Palestinian ownership in Turkey.

With regard to the necessary papers that must be prepared by the Palestinian investor when proceeding with the transaction of owning real estate in Turkey, they are as follows:

Extracting a tax number.
Translate the passport into Turkish.
Authentication of the translated passport at the Notary Public or through Turkish embassies and representations abroad.
Two personal photos.
Paying the property fees is about 4% of the property value

In addition to all this, the Palestinian person who does not have sufficient experience in these matters or the people who enjoy the Turkish language from practicing their business can delegate another person to complete the property ownership process in Turkey, and in this case the power of attorney must be done at the notary, or Through Turkish representations abroad.

After the issuance of these new decisions and knowing what is required of Palestinian nationality holders to own real estate in Turkey, numbers began to appear regarding Palestinian investors’ purchase of real estate in Turkey, and the percentage of Palestinian ownership in Turkey increased significantly, as the number of properties owned by Palestinians in Turkey reached 1,152 properties. In the year 2019, and with these numbers it recorded in real estate ownership, it ranks fifth in the Arab countries, and the eighth in the world in Turkey.

Living and residing in Turkey for the Palestinians

After entering the Turkish territories, the Palestinian citizen must seek to obtain one of the following types of residency in Turkey:
1. Tourist accommodation

Palestinians who want to travel to Turkey in Turkey, after obtaining a visa to enter Turkish territory, have the right to apply for a tourist residence permit from the Turkish immigration services, for a period of one year.
2. Real estate residence

This real estate residence is granted based on owning a specific property in Turkey, where a Palestinian citizen who owns a property in Turkey can apply for real estate residency for himself, his wife and his parents, who have not reached the age of eighteen, and as long as the property is registered in the name of the property owner, these Residence is renewed very easily.

Student residence

Palestinian persons wishing to study in a Turkish governmental or private university are entitled to obtain a student residency, which is for a period of one year, renewed according to the period of study.
4- Establishment of work

All foreigners who work in private companies are entitled to obtain work residency in Turkey, and under this residence the Palestinian citizen lives legally in Turkey, and it is also granted to his wife and children who are under eighteen years of age, and after five consecutive years of this residency. The Palestinian citizen has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

By taking advantage of all the administrative and legal facilities that the Turkish government provides to investors, there are other types of Turkish residency that the investor can obtain, by facilitating the procedures for opening limited official companies, at a cost not exceeding one thousand US dollars, and within two days only !!!!

In addition, Palestinian investors have the right to apply for an investor residence permit, which gives its owner the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, in the event that they own a property worth $ 250,000.

We, in Taksim Homes Real Estate, will be pleased to provide ideal services to all our esteemed clients in general, and Palestinian clients in particular, and we pay great attention to them, and guarantee them to buy the best available real estate, and help them choose the distinctive offers suitable for their budgets and desires, and we provide them with the most important advice and advice that Facilitates the process of their owning the real estate they want to buy.

Our services in Taksim Homes start from the moment you arrive at the airport, and end when you receive the Turkish ID and obtain Turkish citizenship, integrated services for pre-sale and post-sale procedures, and free consultations that put you on the right path in your investment project.


Palestinian citizens and investors were the focus of our conversation in our article for today, which was titled Living in Turkey for Palestinians, where we talked at the beginning of the article about the number of Palestinians in Turkish lands, and we gave an overview of the lives of Palestinians in Turkey.

We continued to talk about the Palestinians choosing Turkey as the right place for their livelihood and setting up their investment projects in it, and we listed some of the reasons that make the Palestinian citizen prefer Turkey over other European countries.

Then, in the next paragraph, we provided sufficient and comprehensive answers to all questions and inquiries related to the issue of ownership in Turkey. We explained to them the necessary documents that must be prepared, and the necessary procedures to complete the acquisition of the Palestinians in Turkey.

Then, at the end of the article, we talked about the issue of residency in Turkey, and explained the types of residency permits that a Palestinian citizen can obtain in Turkey.
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Editing: Taksim Homes

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