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Adim istanbul

Kayaşehir Bulvarı


Updated on February 12, 2021 at 1:05 pm

  • Property ID: 121
  • Property Type: Compound
  • Property Status: U-Construction

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  • State/county: basaksehir
  • Country: Turkey


Adim Istanbul

Project Specifications


  • The project is located in Istanbul in the European section of the Basaksehir area. The project was designed with the concept of “people first” by giving priority to quality of life and customer comfort. The project consists of 6 blocks and 615 apartments.
  • The possibility of installments with a down payment of 50% and the rest for 36 months
  • It is 27 km from the new Istanbul Airport
  • It is 50 meters from the metro station
  • It is 500 meters from City Park
  • It is 23 km from the heart of Istanbul
  • It is 6 km from the highway


About Basaksehir Municipality:


  • The population of Basaksehir is 311,095 people as of 2012, and it is located in the European part of Istanbul


Education services in Basaksehir region

  • Governmental educational institutions


Governmental educational institutions operating in the region:


  • 1 public high school (regular high school).
  • 4 Anadolu High Schools.
  • 2 Imam Hatip High School.
  • 1 is a multi-program high school that also has 6 vocational and technical education units, with a total of 14 secondary schools.
  • 21 primary schools.
  • 18 middle school.
  • Two primary schools, Imam Hatib.
  • 5 Kindergartens (pre-school education institute).
  • Extension and Research Center.
  • General Education Center.
  • professional training center
  • Private educational institutions


Private educational institutions operating under Law No. 5580 regarding private education institutions:


  • 1 High Anatolia High School of Fine Arts and Sports.
  • 1 Anadolu Vocational High School for Media.
  • 2 private Anatolia Vocational High School of Health.
  • 3 private vocational high schools.
  • 10 Anatolia High Schools.
  • 2 art high school.
  • 1 High School for Science and Technology.
  • 1 private high school preparation class, with a total of 21 private high schools.
  • 12 private primary schools in Turkey.
  • 10 private Turkish high schools.
  • 55 private Turkish preschool institutions (kindergarten).
  • 10 tracks of various majors.
  • 28 private teaching houses.
  • 14 special courses to teach motorists.
  • 10 centers for special student education.
  • 7 special rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers.
  • 5 private dormitories for students

Health Services


A government hospital, and a total of 6 health centers distribution throughout.


About social life in Basaksehir:


  • There is the Sular Valley and the artificial lake in and around it. The artificial lake in Basaksehir is the largest artificial lake in Turkey.


  • Ataturk Olympic Stadium and Basaksehir Fatih Tarim Stadium are located in Basaksehir. The Housing Development Administration TOKI (Turkish: Toplu Konut İdaresi Başkanlığı) is planning and developing the largest housing project in Turkey with about 65,000 housing units within the borders of Basaksehir.




  • Transportation to Basaksehir is done via TEM (English: Trans-European Motorway) and railways, and there are also bus services to the region.


  • The European highway (Otoyol 3 European route E80) starts at Mahmutbey district (Turkish: Mahmutbey) in Basaksehir, and passes through the directorate in the western direction to the city of Adrianople.


  • Rail transport is carried out at the train station in “Ispartakule” (Turkish: Ispartakule).


  • On July 7, 2013, the M3 metro line “Kirazlı-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy” (M3 Kirazlı-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy) was opened to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium and the “Fifth stage, or: Metrokent” (5. Etap Metrokent).


  • Thanks to this line integrated with other railway systems, transportation from Basaksehir in the European part of Istanbul to Kartal in the Asian part of Istanbul became possible, thanks to the railway systems.



Notable buildings in Basaksehir

  • Ataturk Olympic Stadium.
  • Basaksehir Fatih Tarim stadium.

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