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أكشيمسيتين, أيوب, إسطنبول, منطقة مرمرة, 34070, تركيا
Starts from₺1,050,900
Has Intallment Plan


Updated on February 19, 2021 at 5:21 pm

  • Property ID: 139
  • Year Built: 2020-Des-Tue
  • Property Type: Compound
  • Property Status: U-Construction

Floor plans





          2+1_TIPA (2)




                  Sub Listings

                  BedsProperty TypePriceBathsProperty SizeAvailability


                  Apartment₺1,050,900 - ₺1,550,900165 m2Available


                  Apartment₺1,235,400 - ₺2,180,0002103 to 109 m2Available


                  Apartment₺1,419,200 - ₺2,320,9002125 to 136 m2Available


                  • State/county: Ayoub
                  • Country: Turkey


                  FOCUS Eyup Project

                  FOCUS Eyup project specifications:

                  The location of the Fox Eyup project is very distinctive in the Akchmestin district, in the Sultan Ayub area, which is very close to the European city center of Istanbul.
                  The Sultan Ayub area contains many prominent tourist places, such as the Sultan Eyup Mosque.
                  The project area is characterized by its proximity to other tourist areas located near the area in Istanbul, such as Taksim, Eminonu and Sultanahmet.
                  It is very easy to reach anywhere in Istanbul, as there are many means of transportation close to the project, such as the tram station, and public buses.
                  The new metro line being built near the project will add great value to it.
                  The project is distinguished by its close proximity to the vital areas in Istanbul, as it is located 16 minutes from Mehmed Al-Fatih Bridge, 23 minutes from Sultan Selim Bridge, and 10 minutes from the Bosphorus Bridge.
                  The presence of many schools, universities and educational centers around the project. Most of them are located 300 meters away from the project.
                  There are some Arab schools in the Sultanate of Ayoub, such as the Amjad Al Orouba School, which provides education in Arabic and English.
                  The presence of private universities enriches the cultural value of the project area, such as Gulf University and Iwan Saray University.
                  The large number of marketing places and malls around the project, as it is 2.5 km from Via land Mall and City Games, and 6 km from Axis Istanbul Mall.
                  The existence of advanced systems according to which the apartments were built, including modern electronic and technical devices.
                  There are a large number of hospitals and health centers around the project.
                  A breathtaking view of the project area on the Belgrade Forest on one side, and the Golden Bay on the other side.
                  A quiet life in the midst of natural green areas awaits you in this wonderful project.
                  Fox Eyup is a project that fulfills all the desires that residents are looking for, including safety, comfort and tranquility.
                  The apartments in the project have a high standard of life and beautiful architecture.

                  Detailed information for the Fox Eyup project:

                  The project extends over a plot of land area: 5,000 square meters.
                  The complex consists of 3 towers at a height of 9 floors.
                  The complex includes residential apartments and shops.
                  168 apartments are located in the project.
                  9 shops are located around the project.
                  Upon delivery of the apartment, the owner of the apartment will be given an air drawer, stove, oven, microwave in the kitchen.
                  Apartments of different sizes and styles.
                  Green spaces.
                  Water lake.
                  Cinema screening hall.
                  Heating and cooling control devices.
                  French balcony resides in apartments.

                  Payment Method:

                  cash Money:

                  Installment: We offer the possibility of installments for a period of 12 months, with a first payment of 50%.


                  Information about the project area:


                  The Fox Eyup project is located in the Sultan Eyup area, which has many advantages, which make it desirable by those who want to own property, as the project is in a dynamic, developed area that is close to the city center of Istanbul, and from all vital places.

                  Housing in this project is good for long-term investments, the project is considered a great opportunity for investors, as its commercial value increases as a result of the strong infrastructure of this region, which is a strong push for the Turkish economy forward.