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محمود بي, باغجلار, إسطنبول, منطقة مرمرة, 34218, تركيا


Updated on October 19, 2020 at 2:27 pm

  • Property ID: 6050
  • Price: ₺1,850,000
  • Property Size: 122 To 174 m
  • Bedrooms: 2+1
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Year Built: 2021-01-01
  • Property Type: Compound
  • Property Status: U-Construction


Polat Tower project
Project specifications
• The location of the project in a distinctive point in the Bagcilar district, very close to the city center, in the European section of Istanbul.
• The presence of the project on the Basin Express road, which is the new destination for investment in Turkey, makes it a golden opportunity for investment.
• The Basin Express road, located in Bagcilar district, is in the middle of the E-5 and E-80 highways on the European side of Istanbul.
• Basin Express is famous for being the commercial nerve of the city, attracting hundreds of international and local companies and hotels that have taken its headquarters there.
• The project area is characterized by transportation service and a network of excellent transportation lines.
Mahmoud Bey metro station is 2.6 km away directly in front of the project, which gives the project great investment importance.
• Yeni Mahalla metro station, which connects you to the areas of Basaksehir and the metro station, you are 3 km away from the project.
• TEM international highways within 2 km of the project.
• Very huge marketing areas and malls a few minutes away from the project, as Mall of Istanbul is 2 km away, and Mall 212 is 100 meters from the project area.
• The project is located very close to Istanbul city center. The project gives great value in terms of the real estate market.
• The project is in an area rich in cultural and lively centers, and a lot of private and government universities, the private Altinbas University 2 km, and Kultur University 2.80 km from the project.
Many public schools designated for all educational levels are on the side of the project.
• The spread of many international Arab schools in the region is very important, which gives the project a great educational value. Al-Fayez and Al-Hoda International School, 15 km from the project.
• Istanbul’s new airport is 20 km from the project.
• Private and public health centers that you can find in areas close to the project, covering the needs of the health district, such as Medipol Medical Hospital, which is 5 km away, and Agi Badam Hospital, at a distance of 6 km from the project.
• The apartments in the Polat Tower project are licensed by HOME OFFICE, and they offer high investment returns.
• Investing in this project offers Turkish citizenship on a plate of gold.
Detailed information about the project
 The project extends over a land area of ​​10,000 square meters.
 The project includes one tower, with heights reaching 28 floors.
 Number of apartments in the project: 217 apartments.
Apartments of the type 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1.
 From the first floor to the 18th floor, there are 9 apartments on each floor.
 From the 19th floor to the 28th floor, there are 6 apartments on each floor.
 The presence of a store and warehouses for residential apartments.
 The number of shops is 21.
 Great investment returns.
 The title deed is ready.
 3 floors of a car garage.
payment methods
 exclusively cash.
General information about the project area
The large spread of real estate projects in the Bagcilar area, made it a destination for investors and those who want to own property, as it is characterized by its proximity to the center of Istanbul, and its location in a middle area between old Istanbul and the new Istanbul on the one hand, and it is characterized by great urban progress in its buildings and apartments on the other hand.
Also, the location of this area near the Express gives it an absolute advantage in the eyes of investors and businessmen.
Report on the project area
According to the statistics of the Population Directorate for the past year, the total number of people in Bagcilar district reached 745,125, where the number of males reached 676.37 people, 50.82% of the general population, while the number of women reached 366,449 women, at a rate of 49.19% of the general population.
Bagcilar region did not differ in its demographic composition from other areas in Istanbul, where the region is dominated by the spirit of vitality and youth to form a great force in it, in the demographics of this region in the year 2019 AD, we find that the highest percentage is recorded for the youth category, which was 50.87% of The percentage of the population, while the percentage of children came second, with 41.825%.
The lowest and weakest percentage of people of old age was 7.31% of the general population rate in Bagcilar district.
civil status:
According to the statistics issued by the Civil Affairs Directorate for the year 2019 AD, which relates to the civil status of Bagcilar district, it tops the list of married people, to occupy the highest percentages in the registered civil status in the region, reaching 45.90%, while the percentage of singles came in the second rank, as usual, at 22.48%. The percentage of divorced women and widows came in the last place, registering approximately 5%.
Educational Status:
The educational situation appears to be at its best in Bagcilar district, to be an important factor in encouraging investors to invest in it, especially with the presence of a number of international schools, which offer the possibility of education in Arabic or English, and the following are the number of students according to the academic levels in Bagcilar:
o The number of students in the primary stage is 168,111 students
o The number of students in the middle school is 609 students
o The number of students in the secondary stage is 558 students
o The number of students at the university level is 537 students
o The number of students in postgraduate studies is approximately 6000 students
Real estate in the region:
There has been a noticeable decrease in the prices of properties offered for sale in Bagcilar by 1.02% compared to last month, and despite this decrease in prices, compared to real estate prices during the three years, they are an increase of 15.09%.
As for the prices of a quarter meter of apartments in Bagcilar for the year 2020, the average prices are 3428 Turkish liras per square meter. Depending on the real estate index for 2020 and the regional report for this region, the average price for a 100 square meter apartment is between 257.120 TL and 428.500 TL.

Floor plans

2+1 D

2+1 F

Sub Listings

To 99 m: 77



Beds: 3+1Baths: 2To 195 m: 173


  • State/county: Bagcilar
  • Country: Turkey