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Real estate for sale in Istanbul

Real estate for sale in Istanbul

Real estate for sale in Istanbul

The real estate market located in Istanbul is one of the largest real estate markets that provide investment opportunities for all those wishing to establish investment projects, as it has all the ingredients that help real estate projects succeed for those who want to invest.

The real estate market in Istanbul is one of the most promising real estate markets in Turkey and the world at large. Istanbul, the city of the two continents, has a distinctive strategic location that extends along the Asian and European continents.

The city of Istanbul, which has more than 18 million inhabitants, makes this city a distinguished place to start real estate business in it. Where you find the mix of demographics in Istanbul that suits the projects you intend to undertake.

The large number of tourist places and their abundance in Istanbul is one of the factors that encourage the increase in investor demand for this city, as both the investor and the customer find themselves side by side with the most prominent tourist areas in Istanbul.

The rich economic, real estate, educational and cultural resources that Istanbul possesses are one of the most important reasons that encourage investors to choose real estate options for sale in Istanbul, in addition to that, the city of Istanbul, in its Asian and European sides, offers you promising opportunities for those wishing to live in safe and profitable real estate investment.

The promising opportunities that can be provided to investors in Istanbul include the sale and purchase of apartments within residential complexes, luxury villas, lands of all kinds, residential, real estate and agricultural, commercial stores and offices, stores, buildings and other types of properties for sale in Istanbul.

This is in addition to many wonderful investment advantages that can be exploited in a variety of real estate investment sectors, where they enjoy low prices and are suitable for a large number of investors.

And investors find in these advantages what they are looking for in various areas, whether it is coastal overlooking the sea, or within the city … There are various options for real estate investment, in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul, such as: Basaksehir, Bahçeşehir, and Buyukcekmece.

Also in Istanbul there are all the possibilities that everyone who wants to own or invest can buy real estate, according to the budget available to him, he may prefer to search for apartments with a sea view in Istanbul, where he benefits from the monthly rental process with a material return, and there are those who prefer to invest in land It is already known that it will enter into the organizational plans near major new projects such as the Istanbul Canal project, and then sell it at double prices.

Government benefits encourage investment in real estate for sale in Istanbul

Of course, when talking about real estate for sale in Istanbul, it is not possible to overlook many of the benefits that the Turkish government provides to foreign investors, in order to encourage them to invest in Turkey, the most important of which is granting them residency and then Turkish citizenship according to specific legal controls.

In this context, it can be said that the Turkish government offers all its available capabilities, and is making great efforts in aspects related to investment in Turkey, which will be of abundant benefit to the Turkish economy.

The Turkish state has developed a set of strategic plans, which it aspires through implementing it to be at the forefront of countries in the world, and to achieve advanced positions among the civilized countries of the world.

All of these strategic plans were concurrent with a set of practical steps that encourage investors to implement a set of major projects, which will play a role in pushing Turkey to be in the first places among countries.

These strategic plans can be highlighted by placing investors in the form of projects that the Turkish government undertakes in order to revitalize the areas specialized in real estate for sale in Istanbul, including:

There is a group of large national projects that Turkey is working to implement, such as: the Istanbul Canal project, which will have a pivotal role in maximizing Turkey’s status and increasing the commercial work space allocated to it. It is expected that by doing this project, the shareholder will collect profits and revenues estimated at billions of dollars for Turkey in general, and for Istanbul in particular.
There is also a group of projects related to the subject of the infrastructure of Istanbul, which the Turkish state worked to prepare, such as: highways, the last of which was the Izmir Istanbul road, which shortened the distance between the two cities, from eight and a half hours to about three and a half hours. In addition to Istanbul Airport, which is the largest in the world at the present time.
In Istanbul, we have a huge network of public transport lines, and Turkey is currently connecting all regions of Istanbul with a new transportation network. Where the longest metro line was opened, “Gebze Halkali”, which works to connect the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. It is expected that we will witness the opening of a number of new metro lines in the current year 2020, which will facilitate the transportation process, reduce traffic congestion, and significantly shorten the time and distances in Istanbul.
The Turkish government provides the necessary support for vital projects, specifically productive projects and export projects. It also provides remarkable support for import substitution projects, especially in the field of electronics and digital technology. This would play a big role in stimulating the demand for the real estate market in Istanbul.
The Turkish government has carried out a major revitalization of foreign trade, and this coincides with the agreements it has signed with a number of countries in the region. For example: Turkey recently witnessed the restoration of the Silk Road, which connects Turkey with China through a number of countries, to facilitate the movement of exports and imports.

Therefore, after looking at those strategic plans, which the Turkish government has worked on and is working to implement, we see that these plans greatly and effectively help in the renaissance of the real estate market in Istanbul.

Real estate for sale in Istanbul by Taksim Homes

Among the many options for those wishing to own real estate in Istanbul is to search for houses with charming sea views and enjoy the many offers in them of distinct buildings, stunning views, and very easy payment methods.

The Pruva project can be shown 34 examples of these marine options, as this project is located in the Bakrikoy area in the European city of Istanbul, and next to it are all the necessary services from universities, schools, hospitals, cafes, shops and transportation.

It is worth noting that purchasing an apartment from Pruva 34 enables you to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Also, the budget available to you is no longer an obstacle to your purchase of a suitable house, so today you can search for cheap homes and homes in Turkey, and you can also pay according to various payment and financing options that definitely suit you. As the Ardashli Square project in the (vital) Esenyurt area at the entrance to the Bahcesehir area near the Akbati Mall in the European section of Istanbul.

Here are some distinct areas that you can search for suitable homes to buy in Istanbul during the year 2020, where you can find suitable houses and apartments in the following areas:

On the Bosphorus, where there are historical villas and palaces designed according to a classic and European system.
In the Buyukcekmece district, which is a new center of Istanbul, where the houses of this area feature wonderful views of the sea. Like the Yaka Sawa project, which is located in an area that includes universities, schools, hospitals, cafes, shops and transportation, in the Buyukcekmece district in the European city of Istanbul. And Demir Life Houses, which is located on the road connecting the E5 and TEM highways, and the project is 36 kilometers from Istanbul’s new airport.
In the Zeytinburnu area, which is characterized by its strategic location in the midst of beautiful nature, and at the same time it is close to important facilities and services. Such as Lucca Mahel apartments, which are located in a distinctive area in the center of Istanbul, in the Zeytinburnu area of ​​Istanbul, Europe. It is an area that includes all the services that a person needs in his daily life.
In the Küçükçekmece region, which will witness a great vitality in the coming years due to the passage of the Istanbul Canal from the center of the region, where there are Clich Center complexes with fancy specifications, and an area that includes all the necessary services. It is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
In the Atakoy area, which is administratively affiliated to the Bakirkoy district, there are the Rot Istanbul complexes, which consist of two towers of medium heights, reaching 16 floors, and containing 302 apartments, with different styles and spaces, and the project is distinguished by its great location and its view on the E5 directly.
In Bagcilar, there is the Batisehir project, which is located on the E80 road, which leads to the most important areas in Bagcilar district in the European city of Istanbul.
In the Kagithane region, the Garden Istanbul project occupies a distinctive location, and includes many universities, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, shops and transportation.
Sariyer district We have Avangart Istanbul complexes, where this project is located in Istanbul in the European section, between Sarayer and Katana areas, which are considered one of the most vital sites on the European side of the city.

These aforementioned areas are for example, but not limited to, the offers, features, and strategic locations for homes and apartments in Istanbul are very many, and the options are multiple for investors.

We at Taksim Homes Real Estate provide you with multiple options when searching for homes for sale in Istanbul, whether it is for family housing, or with the aim of renting them and obtaining excellent monthly financial returns or even reselling them and achieving profits, in all Istanbul investment areas, and we can also provide services After sales, such as furnishings, leasing, and property management of all kinds as you wish.

Editing: Taksim Homes

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