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Real estate in Istanbul

Real estate in Istanbul

Real estate in Istanbul

It is considered the city of Istanbul Both its European and Asian sides are one of the most active real estate markets in Turkey , as it is the city that includes the largest number of real estate projects that attract the attention of investors from all over the world.  Istanbul According to the desires of the investors, such as investing in the sale and purchase of residential apartments and villas, or agricultural and commercial lands, and other different types of real estate in Istanbul..

But before entering into buying a property in Istanbul, it is necessary to get an overview of living in Turkey In general, and Istanbul in particular.

Live in Turkey

It is no secret to anyone the extent of the great development that Turkey has achieved in recent years and at various levels, and no one can deny the tremendous progress in the cultural and educational fields of the country, which was the focus of attention of all peoples in the countries of the world, and formed from it the first kiss of various nationalities, which Looking for a decent life, suitable for the level of investments that they will work to achieve.

 Likewise, the common bonds between Turkey and the countries of the Arab world, such as the link of religion and the similarity in many customs and cultures, is an important factor of living in Turkey, as there are many mosques in Turkey, and they are found in every one of its neighborhoods. The visitor can come to Turkey and practice the rituals of worship that he wants, as he is in a country that respects other divine religions.

In addition to that, the distinctive geographical location of Turkey, which forms the link between the Asian and European continents, made many Arabs want to come to Turkey, live in it, and establish their investments in a country that encourages foreign investment and guarantees them their rights..

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. The natural features that spread between its states include beautiful beaches, wonderful forests, vast green spaces, towering mountains, charming seas, and fresh rivers. Those who wish to travel and travel are eager to come to it and see these landscapes..

The spread of education and the availability of schools and universities that teach the Arabic language, or make the English language an official language. This makes traveling to Turkey interesting, and it saves you from the Turkish language barrier in education..

In view of all the above of these cultural, historical, religious, economic and social elements, Turkey has become a point that attracts many seekers of learning and lovers of investment, to live in it and enjoy its luxury, and to reside in one of its provinces.

After knowing this overview of Turkey and what it enjoys, many people began to wonder about how to live in Turkey? What are its advantages? And the answer to these questions can be said:

Turkey has provided foreigners who wish to visit and reside in its lands all the legal procedures that guarantee them to live in the country like any Turkish citizen, and to enjoy rights such as the rights of Turkish citizens, where there is the right to education and medicine, to make investments, to buy real estate, and to own in it..

The visitor will find the simplicity of living in Turkey, its distance from the complexity, and the ease of dealing with state systems, and he will notice the existence of a huge network of transportation lines, which provides you with the absence of transportation between Turkish regions and states.

It is necessary to talk about the most important advantages of living in Turkey, which is the Turkish economy that makes the possibilities of life in Turkey much cheaper than European countries, in terms of costs of living, prices of meals and supplies, house rents or hotel expenses, and the rental of houses and cars, this matter. You can discover it yourself, by calculating your expenses in Turkey, with a simple comparison with prices in many European countries..

As for investment lovers, the Turkish government pays great attention to the issue of foreign investments, and works to encourage the establishment of such investments, and to provide the facilities required for establishing commercial projects, such as buying real estate or residential apartments, and the Turkish state also provides all the appropriate conditions to increase the number of foreign investors. In its territory, and increase their investment in it.

The recent decisions regarding Turkish citizenship have contributed to the turnout of a large number of foreign investors in general, and Arab investors in particular, to Turkey, with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, and according to recent amendments in the executive regulations related to Turkish nationality laws, a foreign investor who buys a property worth 250 thousand dollars can From obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Through all the above data that clarify the characteristics of living and residing in Turkey, it is necessary to think about Istanbul, the most famous city among the Turkish states.. A questioner may ask why living in Istanbul and not others? Why invest in this city as well as others?

Live in Istanbul

It is known to everyone that Istanbul is a huge and large city, located on the extension of the Asian and European continents, and when searching for real estate in Istanbul you can find a wide range of options suitable for your taste, in terms of housing, choice of home, its shape and size, so whoever wants to live in historical neighborhoods, there are neighborhoods Historic apartments combine the nobility of the past and the originality of the present, and there are other areas where you find the elegance of contemporary homes and smart apartments.

The city of Istanbul also includes a large group of prominent tourist attractions, historical and archaeological places, and charming landscapes, which invite you to stay between its arms, to enjoy its views day and night, as the Sultanahmet point and Taksim are among the most important areas that fall within real estate in European Istanbul, and there are other areas Like sküdar and Kadikoy , which is one of the most searched areas for real estate in Istanbul, Asia.

Also, the Turkish language barrier in the issue of education can be broken simply in Istanbul, due to the large number of educational institutions, including public and private schools and universities, that take education in Arabic or English as their official language in their teaching materials..

The most important point in Istanbul is that it is one of the most important real estate investment markets in Turkey, as Istanbul has witnessed in recent years a great economic and real estate renaissance, thanks to the great turnout of local and foreign investors, who found real estate in Istanbul an opportunity for profitable investment..

The Istanbul city of the holdings of large elements of real estate, offering real opportunities, and much promising profit, in the sector of real estate investments, in addition large vital projects established such as Istanbul International Airport, and projects that are still under construction, such as the Istanbul Canal project Mahadah For the Buyukcekmece district in the European city of Istanbul, in addition to other projects in the Asian section of Istanbul, which make buying a property unique and of great value..


The reason for buying the property in Istanbul

The Turkish government attached great importance to the issue of real estate investments, provided great facilities, and took many measures, which guarantee the foreign visitor or investor to own real estate in Istanbul, such as apartments, farms or lands suitable for agriculture or real estate investment..

In addition, the issuance of amendments related to obtaining Turkish citizenship is one of the most important reasons that give you an incentive to buy a property worth 250 thousand dollars in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. This has encouraged foreigners who want to own property to make real estate investments, or own real estate in Istanbul, but in addition to that, there are other reasons that push you to buy a property in Istanbul, including:

  1. Istanbul is a first-class real estate investment city:

When comparing Istanbul with other European cities such as Paris, Rome and Madrid, investing in Istanbul and buying real estate in such a city is cheap compared to other cities, and it is very suitable for Arab investors in particular..

  1. The distinctive location of Istanbul that connects Asia to Europe.
  2. The presence of many tourist attractions in Istanbul, which would increase the value of the property to be purchased.
  3. The great renaissance that Istanbul is witnessing in the construction of vital projects. As the Istanbul Canal project.

Also, the reason for buying an apartment in it differs from one person to another, as you find people who want to buy an apartment for housing and there are other people who want to create investment projects in the property they want to buy..

But on the whole, the real estate world in Istanbul offers you distinctive offers, and various options for those wishing to own a safe and comfortable residence, whether they live in the most prestigious neighborhoods within the city, such as the neighborhoods of Basaksehir and Taksim , or live in apartments characterized by their calm and charming sea views, such as the neighborhoods of sküdar and Kadikoy.

For those who want to make a profitable real estate investment, there are offers that include buying a variety of real estate, from villas, apartments, lands and shops in different areas depending on the investor..

Nationalities permitted to purchase the property

With regard to the nationalities that are allowed to own property in Turkey, we have a law issued in the year 2012 AD, which details foreign nationalities who are entitled to own property in Turkey, and the principle of reciprocity in this law has been approved in the matter of foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey.

The principle of reciprocity states that any country that prevents citizens of the Turkish state from owning property, Turkey implements the principle of reciprocity, and denies citizens of those countries the rights to own property in Turkey.

According to this law; The Turkish authorities allowed citizens of 183 foreign countries to own property in Turkey, among them:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan , France, Brazil, Bulgaria, South Africa, Finland, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Netherlands, United States of America Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Burkina Faso, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Britain, Portugal, Romania, Cyprus, and many other countries..

According to this law and for special security reasons; Some foreign nationalities are not entitled to permanently own real estate in Turkey, and these nationalities are as follows: Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, Cuba, Yemen.

There are countries whose citizens can own real estate in Turkey, with some restrictions, such as: China, Jordan, Israel, East Timor, Denmark.

There are some restrictions imposed on some other nationalities, such as: Egypt, Afghanistan, Morocco, Latvia, and Albania. As Turkish law specifies for them the type of real estate they own, and based on that; The aforementioned nationalities are allowed to own real estate in Turkey of the type: apartments and offices only, and they are not permitted at all to own real estate, of the type of agricultural land..

We have some foreign nationalities that are forced to obtain permission from the Turkish Ministry of Interior, so that their citizens can own property in Turkey, and these nationalities are: China, Iran, Palestine, India, Iraq.

Also for special security reasons; Russian and Ukrainian citizens are entitled to own real estate throughout Turkey, with the exception of the Black Sea regions. Also, the Greeks do not have the right to buy real estate in the Aegean regions only, while they can own property in other areas of Turkish territory.

Upon reviewing these decisions, we find that the Syrian nationality does not have the right to own property directly in Turkey, but there are other ways that make the impossible possible, and that is through the establishment of a commercial company that has a license from the Ministry of Interior, in order to register in the name of the Syrian citizen, and then the owner of the company can Registering the property to be owned in the name of the company, provided that this property is compatible in terms of area and price with the company’s capital.

Choose the right neighborhood

Be sure that this issue is one of the matters of great importance, because a good neighborhood is the one that will secure your happiness and guarantee you the desired comfort in the apartment.. In order to be able to choose, you must follow some criteria that lead to success in your choices, and among these criteria are the following::

  • Presence of vital centers

Before purchasing a residential apartment, you must make sure that the vital center is located in a place close to your neighborhood in which you will live, so the markets and commercial centers have great importance in the value of the house, and raise the status of the neighborhood or area in which you intend to live.

  • Presence of schools and hospitals

The presence of many schools, hospitals, health and educational centers in the neighborhood that you choose as your residence, one of the most important criteria in choosing the right neighborhood for you.

  • Determine the budget

Before choosing the right neighborhood, you must determine your budget, as each region has its prices, and it differs from the other with its features and characteristics. For example, the prices of apartments in the Basaksehir area It is higher than other areas.

  • The general atmosphere of the neighborhood

It is natural that noisy neighborhoods and other quiet neighborhood located in the area of the neighborhood, if you are someone who loves the quiet atmosphere and the silent nature, you get away from the bustling atmosphere of the city, to choose for yourself a quiet place where you find comfort with your family as a live Belek Dozo.

  • Availability of services

Some neighborhoods in the city are distinguished by their services that give your life more elegance and luxury, such as the presence of parks, some sports, walking paths, and others for cycling, and some neighborhoods see poor services provided, so before everything, make sure that the services in the neighborhood that are right for you are available..

  • Ease of transportation

It is not possible to live in an area where the transportation network is weak, try to choose a neighborhood that provides you with easy transportation between all areas of the city.

  • Social Media

Social communication between people is very necessary, and one of the important criteria in choosing the right neighborhood is, if you want to get to know the neighbors and communicate with people around you, work hard to live in an area close to the lifestyle you live. In general, Basaksehir is the preferred neighborhood for the Arab community.

  • Determine the type of property

One of the most important criteria in choosing the right neighborhood is determining the type of property you want to own, as there are some neighborhoods whose homes are narrow and small, some neighborhoods known for their wide and wide houses, determine yourself the area of ​​the required property in the neighborhood that is suitable for you and your family. In addition, work on choosing a house suitable for the size and number of your family.


There is no doubt that Turkey has become one of the most important countries that receive many who want to invest and own property in its lands, and in recent years it has become an attractive point that attracts tourists from all over the world, and we have seen a large number of Arab citizens come to it with various goals, either education and study, or tourism And travel, and either investment and residence.

In our article, we talked about real estate in Istanbul, the advantages of living in Turkey in general, and how easy it is to adapt to an atmosphere close to Arab societies and Islamic cultures.. We continued talking about explaining the laws that allow some foreign nationalities to have ownership rights on Turkish lands, and we talked about preventing some other nationalities from the rights to buy and own real estate..

Then we wanted to talk about choosing the appropriate neighborhood for housing, and the criteria that should be adopted and followed in choosing the right neighborhood for the visitor and tourist alike. And we have not forgotten to talk about the reasons for buying a property in Turkey, whether this property is for housing and living purposes or for real estate investment.

If you want to travel to Turkey, live among its tourist attractions, and settle in one of its beautiful states, then all the elements of a beautiful life will be found in front of you on a plate of gold in Turkey. This is a country that provides you with many privileges and facilities on its territory, such as obtaining Turkish citizenship, education, tourism, medicine, and comfortable living..

Editing: Taksim Homes

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