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The advantage of investment in Basın Express area

The advantage of investment in Basın Express area

The advantage of investing in the Basin Express

Basin Express area overview

In the rapidly developing real estate market in Istanbul, one of the most prominent areas on the European side is the Basin Express and Güneşli axis. The Press Express axis, defined as a prestigious service area and a central business district in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s strategic plan, and the investments made in Güneşli indicate that the area will be the most popular office district of Istanbul in the near future.


There are more than 30 residences, dozens of hotels and prestigious Class A office investments in Basin Express and Güneşli, where the transformation of old industrial areas enables the implementation of large-scale concept projects. Drawing attention to its proximity to mega projects that will shape the future of Istanbul, the region creates a crossroads connecting the E-5, TEM and the coastal road. The Basin Express hub, also connected to the North Marmara Highway, will become one of the most accessible areas in Istanbul through its investments in metro and rail systems.


The Press Express district, which draws attention due to its proximity to Ataturk Airport and the planned third airport, hosts the current and planned conference, exhibition grounds, first-class office projects. Balance Güneşli, the first A plus office project in the region developed by Balance Real Estate, has led the qualifying office projects in the region with its technical infrastructure, architectural concept and social facilities.


The Basin Express Road, which is considered a profitable area in investment by real estate valuers, increases its strategic importance, especially with the transportation investments made in recent years. Basın Ekspres Road, which has become a new meeting point for the business world by creating its own regional dynamics, is expected to host companies that need a new office in Istanbul and companies growing in Anatolia.


Where is Basin Express located?

The Basin Express region has a distinct geographical location in the European section of Istanbul, and this name has been given to the areas surrounding the Basin Express Corridor in Istanbul, which connects the two most important transportation arteries, which are the two international lines: The E-5 and the TEM line.


The strategic location of the Basin Express has made it an ideal area in the eyes of investors and businessmen, as it is the area that contains commercial centers, high towers, residential areas and green spaces around them.


As for the areas located on the borders of Basin Express that administratively belong to the municipality of Bagcilar, they are as follows: It is bordered to the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara and Ataturk Airport, and to the north by the Basaksehir district, the third airport, and on the west by both Avcilar and Beylikduzu, and the Bayram Pasha district to the east of the Basin Express


The advantages of the Basin Express

The vital location enjoyed by this region constitutes one of the most important advantages of the Basin Express area in Istanbul, as the large and promising real estate market available in this region has formed a point of attraction and destination for many businessmen, and middle and high income employees.


Researchers in the Basin Express have found all that they are looking for in terms of luxury apartments, safe complexes, and operating companies, which encouraged real estate investment in Turkey. Among the most important advantages available in this region:


  • It worked on connecting the main highways E5 – E80 in Istanbul to each other.
  • The main road that leads to Istanbul New Airport.
  • Its proximity to the important exhibition center in Istanbul.
  • This area is close to the new third airport, the largest airport in the world.
  • The presence of many residential projects and their ownership of a commercial nature.
  • There are many malls, hospitals, schools and universities in this region.
  • Provides large areas for investment.
  • The modern, sophisticated and contemporary design of the apartments and residential complexes in them.

How are housing prices in Basin Express?

In Basın Ekspres Road, branded real estate and housing projects have proliferated over the past five years, and housing prices vary according to their location and characteristics. While it is planned to build approximately 16 hotels in the area, 1 + 1 houses are mostly in demand on Basın Ekspres Road, which construction sector heads cannot abandon due to their location.


In this region, the prices of a square meter in housing projects start from 3,000 and 500 Turkish liras, and the prices per square meter in the Atakent region range between 2,000 Turkish liras and 4,500 Turkish liras.


In Toki houses, between 1,000, 750 and 2,000 TL. As for projects with large social facilities ready for delivery, the square meter starts from 3 thousand 500 TL and reaches 4 thousand and 500 TL.


How are the prices of Basin Express Yolu lands?

The price of land in the first plot in the Basin Express area ranges between $ 2,300 and $ 3,000 per square meter, and the second plot is offered for sale at prices ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 2,000.


What kind of investments are being made in Basın Ekspres Road?

According to the information obtained from the Kolesi property website; It is planned to build 16 new hotels in the region, with a total investment of around $ 1 billion. Domestic and foreign hotel chains have also taken measures to operate these hotels. In the region where Holiday Inn Airport, Istanbul Gunen Hotel and Courtyard Marriott Hotel operate, projects of various groups from Divan to Erin and Agaoglu continue to rise.


Also, the modern, sophisticated and contemporary design of the apartments and residential complexes in them. With its healthy organization, where the sun enters for the largest time of the day, and does not contain apartments with a northern side at all, and every project includes an office tower or a hotel tower, taking into account the promising future and the expected opportunities in it.


The offers of residential apartments for sale have increased, whether they are intended for investment or housing, and also contain a large number of shops for sale or even opportunities to buy offices, and encouraged investors to invest in the region, given the promising future and expected opportunities in it.


Basin Express – growing interest from Istanbul Municipality

The Basin Express area has been evaluated within the strategic plan of the Greater Istanbul municipality as a prestigious service area and a priority work center, and this indicates that this region will stand out with its projects into the fields of residential and commercial investment, to occupy the first place unchallenged.


Perhaps one of the most important factors that give the Basin Express region great importance is its location at a point that forms a link between the E-5 and TEM roads, which are considered among the most important modern roads, as they form the backbone of transportation in and around Istanbul. The region is also distinguished by the presence of its aksı area on the northern Marmara road link and its proximity to the metro line, which makes it the first node in Istanbul in terms of ease of transportation.


At the same time, Basin Express, with its modernized industrial areas, is a prestigious first-class investment area that includes more than 30 housing projects in the Güneşli district.


Real estate investment in Basin Express, the ideal investment

After knowing the investment advantages of the Basin Express region, questions may abound about the effectiveness of real estate projects in this region? What profits can be gained from these projects? These questions can be answered by saying:


With the rapid development that Istanbul is witnessing and the qualitative shifts that the various regions of the city are going through, Basin Express was the most striking area on the European side and the main axis of the strategic plan of the Greater Istanbul Municipality, which aimed to discover the best areas in Istanbul and strengthen its infrastructure and give it priority to transform it into centers Business that attracts diversified foreign investment.


The entry of major real estate projects to the region has also constituted an amazing real estate oasis for those who wish to ensure their investment and increase their profits several times over.


It is worth noting: that real estate prices in the Basin Express area had increased by more than 20 times during the last ten years.


Which led to the creation of a wide competition between the largest construction companies in Turkey, each of which offers encouraging investment in them.


For example, the most prominent offers that you can get in Basin Express are the rental guarantee offers, which guarantee you to rent your property for a certain period of time in exchange for excellent financial returns compared to its surroundings from other regions, to be a profitable investment area in the eyes of the public.


What are the real estate projects in Basin Express?

  1. Mirage project: Basin Express Road, located in Bagcilar district, is in the middle of the E-5 and E-80 highways on the European side of Istanbul. It is also famous for being the commercial nerve of the city, attracting hundreds of international and local companies and hotels that have based it.
  2. Nurol Park: The project is located at a distance of 3 km via the Basin Expres, which would gain great importance in the Turkish real estate market.
  3. Batışehir: It is considered one of the most vital projects located near the Basin Express.
  4. Güneşbahce: The project is located in the Basin Express, which is the commercial nerve of the city, which attracts hundreds of international and local companies and hotels. This makes the Gunes Bahça project a first-class residential, commercial and investment project.
  5. Polat Tower: The project is located on the Basin Express road, which is the new destination for investment in Turkey, the Basin Express region is famous for being the commercial nerve of the city, attracting hundreds of international and local companies and hotels that have based it.

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