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Turkish citizenship and acquisition

Turkish citizenship and acquisition

Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship A dream that entices many investors, especially the Arabs, there is no doubt that investment and Turkish citizenship have been linked to each other after the increasing number of those wishing to settle in Turkey, coming to work or invest in it, which prompted the Turkish state to facilitate their acquisition of Turkish citizenship..

Why do you want to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Why do many investors want to establish investment projects in Turkey, and obtain Turkish citizenship ? What are the motives that they work to achieve when they obtain Turkish citizenship? To answer these questions, it can be said in general terms that whatever the motives and goals of the investors differ, obtaining Turkish citizenship is a correct decision, for several reasons.:

1.Turkish tourism

It is known to everyone that Turkey is one of the most famous tourist countries in the world, as Turkey ranked sixth in the world in terms of receiving tourists, according to statistics issued by the World Tourism Organization. The attractions and tourist places located there are a point of attraction, which attract huge numbers of tourists from different parts of the world.

With the aim of attracting more tourists and encouraging investment, the Turkish government has taken many decisions that have greatly supported tourism and investment in recent years, including these decisions: Five foreign countries were granted permission to enter Turkey without a visa , and many Arab countries had previously granted permission to enter Turkey without a visa, such as Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan.

In the future, more than a million additional tourists are expected to come to Turkey, especially after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the decisions that include lifting visas for those with nationalities, such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom also for a period of 90 days annually, for each period of 180 days..

2.Turkish passport

The Turkish passport was able to obtain the 39th rank in the world, and the 18th place in the European continent, which gives its holder the following advantages::

  • Travel and transportation to more than 72 countries around the world, without the need for a travel visa, including Japan, South Korea, Qatar and many other countries..
  • Travel to more than 42 countries with an entry visa, which is obtained immediately after arriving at the airport, and from these countries: Kuwait, Bahrain, and South Africa.
  • Obtaining a travel visa online, and in a very short time, and travel to countries such as Australia and the Sultanate of Oman.

In addition to the tourism factor in Turkey And the Turkish passport , there are many reasons that push Arab investors to obtain Turkish citizenship, and for Turkey to be an incubator for their investments, and among these reasons:

  • Enjoying citizenship and voting rights in the Turkish elections, and thus you can have a role in influencing the future and decisions of the country.
  • Getting rid of the problems related to extracting residencies of all kinds.
  • Inviting a friend who is outside the country to Turkey to reside, study, or even work in Turkey.
  • Granting the investor Turkish citizenship for his family, and his children who are under the age of 18.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

After the facilities provided by the Turkish government with regard to investments in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship, the minimum amount of real estate investments was reduced from one million US dollars to 250 thousand dollars, which encouraged investors to search for ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.:

1.Owns a property worth $ 250,000

Foreign investors can obtain Turkish citizenship , by owning a property or a group of real estate in Turkish lands, it may be a house or a plot of land, for an amount of only 250,000 thousand dollars! With their pledge not to sell these properties, for a period not exceeding three years from the date of purchasing the property  .

2.Bank deposit or purchase of government bonds

The decrease in the minimum deposit of funds in a Turkish bank, or the purchase of government bonds, from three million US dollars (3,000,000 $) to only five hundred thousand dollars (500,000 $), provided that the deposited amount is not withdrawn for a minimum period of 3 years. This made it much easier for investors to obtain Turkish citizenship.

3.Hire Turkish employees

The minimum required to obtain citizenship by hiring Turkish citizens has decreased from 100 employees to at least 50 employees.

In this context, the pioneer of real estate investments in Turkey, “Taksim Homes Real Estate Company “, provides a set of high-end offers with a modern style, which also fulfill the conditions for Turkish citizenship. You can get to know it through real estate for sale in Istanbul suitable for Turkish citizenship..

The easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship

Are considered procedures Obtaining Turkish citizenship By purchasing a property worth 250 thousand dollars, one of the fastest methods mentioned above, as the waiting period does not exceed 90 days before obtaining citizenship.

It is worth noting that the recent step taken by the Turkish government, to facilitate the conditions required of foreign investors wishing to obtain its nationality, has aroused the interest of investors, especially the Arabs..

With the number of Arab investors who obtain Turkish citizenship of 2,611 investors in the year 2019, the statistics related to requests for Turkish citizenship through investment and real estate sales seem very promising, and this indicates that Turkey represents, in the eyes of many investors, a “safe haven” for real estate investments..


Real estate for sale in Istanbul is suitable for Turkish citizenship

At Taksim Homes we offer you real estate for sale in Istanbul Suitable for Turkish citizenship, with services that start with buying and selling real estate in Istanbul , ending with receiving the Turkish identity, and obtaining Turkish citizenship..

We work in Taksim Homes to create good opportunities for investors and those wishing to settle in Turkey, and safe housing in the most beautiful apartments in Istanbul, all with the investment that guarantees you abundant profit through the sale and purchase of real estate, such as: apartments in the most luxurious complexes, and villas Luxury, investment lands, farms, shops, commercial offices, stores and all types of commercial and residential properties offered to those looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul.

It is worth noting that most of our properties for sale in Istanbul are new-built properties, which are made according to one of the international and historical models, and are characterized by various views, including coastal views directly to the sea, or apartments with fanciful views that are on high floors. Or you will have natural views of very distinct gardens in Turkey.

We provide you with a large group and a wide range of open and varied options for investing in Istanbul 2020 real estate, as investors work to take advantage of one of the options presented, and buy a suitable property for it and comply with the conditions of Turkish naturalization, and according to what types of real estate desires..

Some investors prefer to buy apartments in the most prestigious neighborhood of Istanbul. In addition to these apartments , duplexes are available , and villas within the complexes or independent commercial villas.

Others prefer investors to own land and shops in order to establish an investment project that generates huge profits and qualifies for Turkish citizenship..

The real estate market in Istanbul is also famous for its huge investment buildings, which are based on the office system, or the home and office system (home-office)There are also hotel apartments that are famous for their beauty and luxury.

Istanbul real estate for sale – high investment value

In light of the facilities provided by the Turkish government, real estate investment in Istanbul appears to be of great importance and has excellent opportunities, especially after the presence of properties for sale in Istanbul , at prices that suit a wide range of foreign investors in general, and Arab investors who are looking for opportunities to obtain Turkish citizenship in particular..

Where the investor finds what he is looking for in real estate in Istanbul , in a variety of areas, such as coastal areas such as sküdar and Kadikoy in the Asian section of Istanbul, or in the interior areas within Taksim and Bashikşehir in the European section of Istanbul..

Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular have witnessed the establishment of giant vital projects in recent years, which reflected positively on real estate prices in Istanbul, and through it it seemed that investments in various real estate sectors in Istanbul have become very safe, and the financial returns in them are stable.. This prompted investors to come to Istanbul and establish their projects there.

Do not forget the many advantages that the Turkish government gives to those who want to make investments, and to foreigners who want to buy real estate in Istanbul, with the aim of encouraging them to choose to invest in Turkey. Perhaps one of the most important of these advantages is the encouragement to provide real estate for sale in Istanbul at reasonable prices, subject to approval of Turkish nationality, as well as granting residency to real estate investors who wish to invest in real estate, and then granting them Turkish citizenship according to specific legal controls in return for buying a property in Turkey..

In the following, we will devote a special paragraph, in which we will talk about a group of the most important questions that are being asked about obtaining Turkish citizenship, and we will provide adequate and adequate answers, relying on Turkish citizenship laws and its new executive regulations..

Questions and answers related to Turkish citizenship

  • Can an investor who bought a property before 2018 obtain Turkish citizenship?

According to the provisions of the law on Turkish citizenship, the person who bought real estate can apply for Turkish citizenship, but this is done with two conditions:

The property value must not be less than $ 250,000.

The date on which the property was purchased is after 18-09-2018.

 Because the new amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law were issued on this date. If the property was purchased before this date, the value of the property must be one million dollars.

  • How is the dollar exchange rate calculated when paying for the property?

The dollar exchange rate will be calculated according to the official rate on the date of purchase, according to the Turkish Central Bank price bulletin.

  • How is the property evaluated and its value determined in Turkey?

This is done according to specific protocols by the municipality, by sending a dedicated and certified body, by the Financial Affairs Authority, and this is done after applying for Turkish citizenship..

  • What are the steps to follow after the purchase process?

After determining the appropriate property, one goes to the Tabu Institution, accompanied by the translator and the lawyer, where the papers and the emptying process are checked, and then all the official papers for the property must be extracted, and this transaction takes place under the supervision of a specialist, after that the process of initiating the steps of Turkish citizenship begins.

  • Can I sell the property directly after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

No, the property cannot be sold until 3 years have passed since the date of purchase, and you must write a pledge not to sell the property for a period of 3 years, and this pledge is recorded in the Tabu.

  • Can I buy a property in installments to apply for Turkish citizenship?

You can buy a property in installments, but the value of the paid installments must exceed 250 thousand dollars in order to apply for Turkish citizenship. As the paid amounts will be calculated only from the value of the property, and in the event of installments or mortgage payments, unpaid amounts will not be calculated..

  • Can a foreign investor sell the property and buy it again in order to obtain Turkish citizenship?

This is not possible, because one of the conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship through buying the property is that the owner of the property should not be a foreigner, or it was bought by a foreigner, in other words, the seller must be Turkish.

  • How do I avoid buying a property with an unreal value in Turkey?

This is done by communicating with one of the companies that owns a trademark and a trademark in the global and Turkish market at the real estate level, and this is done through its specialized staff that consists of a skilled lawyer and an integrated team, who has sufficient experience to evaluate the property very accurately before purchasing it, in addition to the role of the skilled lawyer who Its role is crystallized by providing real estate licenses, which are in the interest of the investor, i.e. providing the customer with tax exemptions .

  • In the event of obtaining Turkish citizenship, do family members have the right to obtain citizenship as well?

The wife and children who did not exceed the age of eighteen can obtain Turkish citizenship, as for children who have exceeded eighteen they have the right to apply for permanent residence, and the father or mother is not entitled to obtain citizenship except in one case, which is that they exceed the age of sixty-five.

  • Is it possible to retain the original citizenship after obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property?

Of course, of course, you can retain both nationalities, there are no requirements related to renouncing your original nationality when obtaining Turkish citizenship..

  • How long is the valid time for property evaluation in Turkey?

The period of time must not exceed three months from the date of submitting the application.

  • To reduce the value of taxes, is it possible to record the value of the property at a price different from its original price at the Tabu?

Of course not, because the value of the property registered with the Tapu must not be less than the property value issued by the evaluation committee’s report.

  • How does the payment process work? Can the property value be paid in cash?

The value of the property cannot be paid in cash, as all financial payments that are between the buyer and the owner must be made under reliable bank transfers, issued from the buyer’s account to the old owner’s account..

  • How long does it take to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property?

The procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property take 90 days, starting from the beginning of the transaction, meaning the delivery of the required documents in full to the Turkish government, and until they are signed by the President of the Republic, who has the authority to approve the granting of Turkish citizenship.

  • Can I authorize another person to follow the procedures related to the nationality file?

Yes, you can set up an agency at the Turkish embassy in the country in which you reside, or at a notary public in Turkey, for anyone you choose to follow up the procedures on your behalf..

  • Can the property be rented out after buying it?

Yes, you can do that and rent the property. However, on the condition that ownership of the property is preserved, and not offered for sale for 3 years.


The importance of following up on matters of Turkish nationality by the real estate company

It is advised for those who want to invest in order to obtain Turkish citizenship to search for a leading real estate company in the fields of real estate, and to follow up the process of naturalization files in Turkey, because the foreign investor is not sufficiently familiar with the laws of the country, and the Turkish language barrier may cause it in many crises.

Therefore, the investor must appoint a real estate company to follow up these procedures and follow them in a manner consistent with the Turkish citizenship laws. We advise our valued customers to go to our company Taksim Homes, which has a team specialized in the laws issued, which works to serve you from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you receive the Turkish ID.

Editing: Taksim Homes

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